The regular floorball season starts in Germany this weekend together with the Men’s Cup. Hauke Hillmer from the German Floorball Association answered some questions about the new season in the Floorball-Bundesliga (FBL). 

How is the preparation for the new season going in your country?

– We cannot give a general answer to the preparation of the teams for the new season. The regulations in the individual federal states are sometimes very different. There are regional restrictions on team training and games. Sports are sometimes limited to 30 people. It is therefore not possible to hold friendly matches. In a few regions, full team training with physical contact is also not yet permitted. Some teams have very limited training opportunities.

Top Leagues and Cup starting dates:

  • 1. FBL Men -> 12-13.09.2020
  • 1. FBL Women -> 12-13.09.2020
  • 2nd FBL North West men/2nd FBL South West men/2nd FBL East men  -> 19-20.09.2020
  • Men’s Cup 1st round ->12-13.09.2020
  • Women’s Cup 1st round  -> 7th-8th of November 2020
MFBC Leipzig at the EFC 2019. Photo by Miroslav Hylek

League favourites and major changes in the leagues?

– The 1st Men’s FBL was increased to 12 teams. The 1st Women’s FBL was expanded by one team. The two conferences of the 2nd FBL were divided into 3 conferences. The conferences north / west and south / west will play with five teams, the conferences east with seven teams.

– In our leagues there are many good teams that are very close to each other in terms of their potential. As in previous years, the UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels is one of the big favorites.

How to follow the top leagues? 

– The top leagues can be followed with our Saisonmanager. All match result and some statistics of the top leagues can be viewed there. The games will not be streamed on a standardised platform but some games can be watched on Sportdeutschland.TV, others on YouTube. Not all teams can provide a stream yet.

The IFF has asked all top 10 countries to provide a 2020-21 season preview of their top leagues. More season previews will be published on the IFF website soon. You want your floorball league or development stories to be featured on the IFF channels? Send your story to media(at)!

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