In addition to ten projects, that received the most votes in the IFF Kids with Sticks Facebook voting, the IFF decided to support six additional projects with a set of sticks. GRZEŚ Popular Sports and Athletics Club in Poland is one the organisations to receive floorball sticks for their project to develop floorball activity for children and youth in the club.

GRZEŚ Popular Sports and Athletics Club operates in Hrubieszów, small town located in east Poland. It is the capital city of Hrubieszów County, with the population around 18 000 people. GRZEŚ Club was established in 1998 and from the very beginning floorball has been their main activity. In their daily work the club focuses on conducting training sessions, team-building, organising competitions, and popularization of floorball in their region. The club works mainly with youngsters and children, but also has activities for adults.

Since 1998 the club has been taking part in different competitions on regional, national and international level. During their twenty-years activity, the club has achieved significant successes: participation in country championships (8 times in different age groups: U-12, U-15, U-18) and they were crowned twice with bronze medals. For three years they have participated in Polish floorball champions league (Ekstraliga) and also in the international competitions likeSlovak Open U-18 in 2011 and Ukraina Open Senior in 2017. For a long time, the club was the only floorball sport club operating in Lublin Voivodeship. Now they see it as a success that they have popularized floorball in their region.

– Currently there’s 55 people (both girls and boys) participating in club’s activities. Floorball training session takes place twice a week. We have at our disposal full-sized gym, we use it within the frames of cooperation with public school in Hrubieszów. We have 50 used sticks, which is not enough for our requirements. We apply for kids sticks equipment in order to use it in our daily work, to train with youngsters and children. We assume that new equipment will allow us to develop and raise the quality of our teaching, it may also increase the number of floorball players, GRZEŚ Popular Sports and Athletics Club informed in their application.

With the equipment, the club is planning to organise many diverse activities:

– We will use additional equipment for intensifying our trainings with youth and children – thanks to new sticks we can invite more players and we can increase the number of members of our floorball team. We plan to use this special equipment also for sport classes in the school, as well as for organizing kindergartens competition; we plan to organize special competition for children from Hrubieszów kindergartens (age 5-6) in order to familiarize children with floorball, popularize floorball among Hrubieszów inhabitants and make recruitment for new players.

The club also sent greetings to their voters after receiving the information of being among the winners:

– All this couldn’t happen without engagement of Internet users from Poland. We feel very grateful to all people voting for our project. Every single vote was important, and makes us highly motivated to further work.

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