Red Floorball Ecuador is a non-profit organisation that aims to develop floorball and a healthy lifestyle for children and youth in Ecuador.

Red Floorball Ecuador has a holistic approach to the development of the children and youth. The organisation aims to create floorball teams in all regions of the country and also promotes education based on values.

– Our aim is to expand this sport throughout the country by organising regular tournaments and training. We want children and youth to develop in an environment of healthy competitiveness. We are an organisation that seeks to give meaning to life of children who live in vulnerable situations, Red Foorball Ecuador informed in their application.

Red Floorball Ecuador supports the society through the creation of sports teams and improving the lifestyle of people who live in a state of vulnerability:

– We work with children and teenagers and want to create real and positive change to their lives. We have volunteers in various cities that are in charge of floorball teams, we organise national tournaments and recently we started a Floorball League in Pichincha. In addition, we have a “Campaña Arma tu propio stick” campaign, where we assist children without sticks to produce their own sticks from disposable materials.

Red Floorball Ecuador received 1580 votes (5th most votes) in the IFF Kids with Sticks Facebook voting. For more information, please visit the Red Floorball Ecuador Facebook page and website.


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