The EuroFloorball Cup and EuroFloorball Challenge will not be held in 2020. The decision to cancel these events was made by the IFF Central Board at their meeting on 22nd May.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all European member countries were forced to end their seasons without a winner being confirmed. Due to this, as well as the ongoing restrictions in most countries, the IFF sent a questionnaire to all National Associations which had participated in EFC/EFCh previously. The were asked, firstly, about their possibility to select a champion to participate and, secondly, whether they felt there was a realistic possibility for teams to plan and organise travel for these events, even if government restrictions are lifted.

Based on the results from the survey, it was clear that there was not enough clarity to try to execute the EFC and the EFCh at this time.

For EFC, Jõgeva, Estonia was most likely to host the event, while the city of Lviv, Ukraine was the planned host for the EF Challenge. This would have been the first major IFF event for Ukraine, and although disappointed that this year’s event will not go ahead, Roman Lozynsky, head of the organisational committee, says “We would most certainly be happy to plan again for next year.”

More information on the EFC and EFCh event here.

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