The Finnish club team EräViikingit wants to be a pioneer when it comes to developing floorball and  the club is investing in different cooperation projects both nationally and internationally.

The quality of the coaching is one of the cornerstones of the club’s operations and is constantly being developed. As part of this, there has been an exchange of ideas with top international experts.

Joonas Naava, the sports director of EräViinkingit, has established strong ties especially with Czech Floorball representatives. He is also currently in the coaching team of the Czech U19 national team. During four seasons, Czech delegations have visited Helsinki several times and coaches from EräViikingit have been in Czech Republic. Tomi Rastas, the Coaching Manager at EräViikingit, has also been in the Czech U17 national team’s coaching team and has been actively involved with various events in Czech Republic over the years.

– We want to stay at the forefront in developing floorball. That is why we are doing national cooperation with the Floorball Academy (FBA), but we also want to invest in international cooperation. For the most parts we have cooperated with Czech Floorball. Our goal is to exchange ideas and discuss the evolution of the game. It gives our players and coaches a lot and they gain new experiences by working with the best in other countries. We have for example had player exchange with FbS Bohemians, says Joonas Naava.

Marek Chlumsky, who is responsible for coaching and player development in Czech Floorball, has visited EräViikingit several times with the coaching delegation.

– We want to get inspired and learn how you do things here at EräViikingit. We started the cooperation four years ago and this is the fifth or sixth time we are here. For us, the choice is easy. In this club, Joonas Naava and the Coaching Manager Tomi Rastas as well as thee other coaches were the first to ask how things are done in Czech Republic. We know that everyone here is open and has a lot of floorball know-how, Marek Chlumsky informs.

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