The IFF jury of the WFCQ qualification EUR 2 has in cooperation with the IFF competition office taken the decision to void the results of Cote d’Ivoire in the official WFC qualification tournament.

Due to the fact that not all players of the team Cote d’Ivoire were granted the Schengen visa to travel and participate in the WFC 2020 qualifications, the size of the team is only six field players and one goalkeeper. The goalkeeper was not a player who was originally included on their first team list and, according to the IFF Competition rules, should not be eligible to play. The jury decision is therefore to let the team Cote d’Ivoire play the games normally, in order to educate and develop the team, but the results will not be part of the official qualification tournament in group C.

The IFF jury has agreed this with team Cote d’Ivoire and the other teams in the qualification group C: Belgium, Russia and Switzerland. All four teams have approved the decision of the IFF jury and the IFF competition office.

– It is very unfortunate that Cote d’Ivoire did not get a full team to participate in the event. The IFF still finds it very positive for the future of floorball in Africa that team Cote d’Ivoire has been able to come to Slovakia to get the idea of what the WFC qualifications are all about. Cote d’Ivoire has been a striving force in developing floorball especially in Western Africa. The IFF is also in the process of updating its competition regulations and in the updated regulations the minimum size of a team that will be granted the right to participate in an official  IFF event, will be 12 players, IFF Secretary General John Liljelund comments.


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