On the 23th of December 2019 the Ukrainian Floorball Federation was voted in as a full member the Sports Committee of Ukraine (SCU). SCU is the sport body that unites all federations that are not on the Olympic programme. 

The General Assembly voted unanimously to give UFF full membership. The Sports Committee of Ukraine consists of 44 member federations and 14 associative member federations. Previously the UFF has been an associative member for two years. In 2018, the UFF received SCUs annual grant for associative members in order to translate and implement Swedish Floorball development model in Ukraine.

– For UFF the membership in SCU is important because of two reasons. First and foremost it’s important that floorball became a member of the Ukrainian sports family. Secondly the full membership gives us more financial support for our education programmes, says Tamuz Hidir, Ukrainian Floorball Federation President.

Source: UFF

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