With the conclusion of the Women’s World Floorball Championships 2019, the IFF can now release the full list of final standings as well the new Women’s World Rankings. 

The final standings of the Women’s World Floorball Championships 2019 , including all the teams who participated in the qualification events, has now been calculated. The top 16 placings are according to the results from WFC 2019, while the placements of 17 and below are based on comparative calculations from the results of all the qualification matches. View the full list of WFC 2019 Final Standings.

The final standings from 2019 are added to the standings from 2017 to give the world rankings. For teams who did not participate in WFC qualifications, participation in other events, such as SEA Games or Africa Cup are taken into consideration. Sweden remains at number one, while Switzerland’s silver medal at WFC 2019 moves them into second in the rankings, above Finland in third. Czech Republic remain fourth, while Slovakia and Poland each move up one place to be fifth and sixth. Big movers in the table include Malaysia, up six places to be 20 and Estonia up five places to be 11, while USA has dropped five places to 16 and Netherlands down six places to 24th.


Change after WFC 2023
3Czechia 1
4Switzerland 1
5Slovakia 1
6Poland 1
7Latvia 1
8Denmark 2
9Norway 2
10Germany 1
11Japan 1
12Singapore 1
13Estonia 1
14USA 1
15Australia 4
16Thailand 1
17Hungary 3
19France 8
20Russia 4
21Netherlands 3
22Spain 1
23New Zealand 4
24Philippines 6
25Belgium 6
27Austria 4
28Korea 3
30Great Britain 3
31Malaysia 9
32Slovenia 4
33China 1
35Burkina Faso-
39Côte d'Ivoire-


All world rankings can be found here


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