Welcome to the WFC 2019 in Neuchâtel in Switzerland!

It is with pleasure and honour that the IFF welcomes the entire Floorball family to Switzerland. Swiss Floorball is an excellent and highly skilled partner in organising top floorball events. It is wonderful to meet in the French-speaking part, in Neuchâtel, a highly important step for the growth and spreading of Floorball, not only in Switzerland but in all parts of the French-speaking world.

We are in the process of creating a new strategy for IFF for the period 2021-2032. In the present strategy we have reached nearly all the goals set in 2008, such as becoming a recognised sport, growing on all continents, increased awareness, having a total of 75-80 members by the end of 2020 and joining a number of Multisport worldwide events such as The World Games.

Tomas Eriksson IFF PresidentIn creating the new strategy for 2032, we need to answer a number of vital questions: What will Floorball look like in 2032 in regards to the sport presentation, the IFF organisation, number of members, IFF Competitions – World Championships, Regional Championships, Multisport Games and regional multisport games (Asian Games, etc.), national competitions, number of players, our awareness and Floorball’s market value?

Discussions on the new strategy will be an important part of the agenda while meeting you all at the WFC and at the Associations meeting.

The IFF, with the participating teams, convey our gratitude to the city and canton of Neuchâtel and to Swiss Floorball Association, wishing you full success with the WFC 2019!

Tomas Eriksson
IFF President

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