The IFF Referee Committee has nominated seven referee pairs from five different countries to the Women’s WFC 2019. The IFF RC nominated Mr. Frank Leuenberg (SUI), as the Head of the referees. The nominated referee observers are: Ms. Marjo Alanko (FIN), Mr. Inge Haug (NOR) and Ms. Nihada Cenanovic (SWE).


WFC 2019 Referee presentations


Tomas Kostinek/Matrin Reichelt CZE (Kostinek & Reichelt photo)

Tomas Kostinek is 30 years old technical engineer and lives in Prague. He has been a referee for ten years and on the international level since 2015. This is his second WFC and two years ago they refereed the Women’s Final in Bratislava. When not refereeing he likes to play badminton and to travel. He has a family with one kid and another one on the way next spring.

Martin Reichelt lives also in Prague and is 33 years. He has been a referee since 2003 and has been on international level before with another pair. He likes cycling, golfing and good food.

Barbora Beranova/Lucie Hejnova CZE (Hejnova & Beranova photo)

Barbora Beranova works as a category manager in a big Czech food retail company. She is 35 years old and this WFC is the first one for her. She has been refereeing for 11 years and loves to travel and experience new cultures and new people.

Lucie Hejnova will now be in her second WFC. In 2015 she was in Tampere with her former pair and now with Barbora. She is 31 years old and works with a logistics company. She lives some 100 km from Prague and is also very active outside of floorball duties. She has a lot of hobbies, such as climbing, riding and cycling.

Tom Kirjonen/Jyrki Sirkka FIN (Kirjonen & Sirkka photo)

Tom Kirjonen, 47 years old salesman. He works with the good old fashion hardware. According to himself he is way too busy to have other hobbies especially when being a father of three.

Jyrki Sirkka lives in Espoo in Finland and he is married and has two kids. He is just about to turn 50, which makes him the fourth oldest IFF referee. He works as a product developer and while not refereeing or working he likes to fish and cook.

They were both in the WFC 2017 in Bratislava and refereed a semi-final game.

Juhani Kirves/Henrik Snellman FIN (Kirves & Snellman photo)

Juhani Kirves is 37 years old language teacher from Iisalmi in Finland. He has 17 years experience of being a referee and he likes music and especially likes to play his guitar.

Henrik Snellman lives in Kuopio and he is 45 years old. He has his own restaurant in Kuopio. According to him he does nit have that much time outside of his work and floorball, but is generally interested in sports.

Binbin Lin/Carmen Teo SGP (Lin & Teo photo)

Binbin Lin, is 35 years of age and works as a teacher. She also has a player background as floorball goalkeeper in the elite league in Singapore and used to be the goalkeeper of the Singaporean national team.

Carmen Teo works with managing National Sports Associations and is 39 years old. She has been a referee since 2003 and this is the second WFC for her and her pair. She enjoys playing badminton with her friends when she happens to have spare time outside of floorball.

Christian Crivelli/Davide Rampoldi SUI (Crivelli & Rampoldi photo)

Christian Crivelli lives in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and he’s 44 years old and works as a sales manager. He is married and has two kids. He has been refereeing already for 20 years and enjoys and follows all kind of sports.

Davide Rampoldi is a 43 years old teacher and he also lives in the Italian speaking region in Switzerland. He lives with his girl friend and a cat. He has been refereeing for 15 years.

The WFC 2019 the first WFC for this pair.

Mona Franzon/Josefine Hedelind SWE (Hedelind & Franzon photo)

Mona Franzon is 40 years old and lives in Stockholm where to she moved few years back from Gothenburg. She happened to open her mouth in the wrong place 25 years ago and therefore she still is a referee.

Josefine Hedelind lives in Gothenburg and is 29 years old. She has been refereeing for 15 years and outside of floorball she likes to cook, which usually means that she also likes good food. She also enjoys dancing and going to the gym.

This is the first WFC for this pair.

The Women’s World Floorball Championships are played December 7th – 15th in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Visit the WFC website for more information!

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