WFC 2023 Power Rankings Day 3 Edition

Ranking all the teams every 2 days of the tournament in Singapore this year. It’s not just a boring numbered list, it’s the *not to be taken seriously* IFF Power Rankings!

Check out the list below to find out where we stand after Day 2 from the 2023 Women’s World Championships with all 16 teams!


  1.  Sweden Outside the rink we’re pretty low key, inside it pretty high key
  2. Finland Have we reopened our borders yet?
  3. Czech Republic Our Pilsners are in the cooler, on ice
  4. Switzerland  – It’s only the group stages. Talk to us again in the playoffs
  5. Norway  – Norway say no way, as Latvia fade away
  6. Germany  – 2 games, 20 goals scored. Bring on Sweden.
  7. Singapore  – 2 wins from 2? We’re keeping the trophy here in Singapore
  8. Japan Nintendo was ALWAYS better than Lego anyway
  9. Estonia Is our ambassador allowed on the coaching staff?
  10. Poland K**wa
  11. Slovakia You know Cervena means red? It seems Sweden didn’t get the message to stop…
  12. Latvia Fade Away? Oh we thought you meant basketball.
  13. Denmark Hey, no fair. We want a rematch in Europe.
  14. USA After a day as tourists we’re ready for the Japanese rollercoaster
  15. France  – Our matches are like the French Revolution. Head chopping optional
  16. Australia  – Bringing the Tim Tams for the next match… Wait? They have them here???


*WFC 2023 Power rankings are a fun, non serious look at all the teams competing in Singapore this December. They are for the enjoyment of the fans and in no way reflect the actual World Rankings or Tournament Standings.

Inspired by the IIHF’s Power Rankings.

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