The EuroFloorball Challenge (EFCh) 2019 is played August 14th – 18th in Palais des sports Ghani Yalouz, Besançon, France. The Women’s EFCh is played with three teams: Lyon FC (France), Utrecht (Netherlands) and Komarom (Hungary).

The EuroFloorball Challenge is organised for club teams outside of the Champions Cup and EuroFloorball Cup (EFC) and acts as a qualifying event for the EFC. All EFCh matches will be streamed live on the IFF YouTube channel.


Team flag of Lyon Floorball Club (FRA)Lyon Floorball Club (FRA)

There is a mixture of players of all levels in this team and they aim is to play good floorball, gain experience, have fun, and prepare for the upcoming season!


Players to watch: 

Photo of Marcelline Perrard#61 Marcelline Perrard
The goalkeeper with an excellent talent for stopping the most difficult shots.



Photo of Julie Grammont#8 Julie Grammont
Right or left wing player who also masters the centre and defender position and out-smarts the opponents. She has previous EFCh experience from 2016.



Photo of Gaëlle Tyczinski#24 Gaëlle Tyczinski
A forward who scores surprising goals and never gives up until the end of the match.




Team flag of UFC Utrecht (NED)UFC Utrecht (NED)
Having won the Dutch Floorball Championship title for the second time in three years, the ladies of UFC Utrecht are eager to show their skills internationally. The team is especially eager since they didn’t get this opportunity after their first championship. As always, the ladies aim to win their matches and as a result qualify for the EuroFloorball Cup.

Players to watch:

Photo of Evi Wolters#35 Evi Wolters
The third in row of a very talented floorball family. Although Evi Wolters recently joined the team, she is expected to play a very physical game and not be set aside easily. The team foresees a bright floorball future for Evi and are curious to see her grow during this international experience.


Photo of Kiki Spoelstra#71 Kiki Spoeltra 
She is like a cheetah on a hunt: she is always luring for a chance to steal the ball and ready for a quick rush to the opponent’s goal. Sadly our team will have to miss her speed next season as she will continue her floorball career in Sweden.



Photo of Ditte Moejes#96 Ditte Moejes
Quite small for a goalie and might be overlooked. However her quick reflexes impress her teammates and opponents alike. Just watch.




Team flag of SZPK Komarom (HUN)SZPK Komarom (HUN)

Our team, SZPK, was founded in 1998. The female team took part in the qualifying round of EuroFloorball Cup in 2014. This season the team won the Hungarian Championship and the Hungarian Cup as well. The aim is to learn a lot, make a lot of sport friends and connections, besides winning as many medals as possible.


Players to watch:

Photo of Nora Lelovics#77 Lelovics Nóra
A forward, trained by the club from the beginning and joined the adult team two years ago. She was the most successful player in the league in both years. In 2019, at the age of 15, she became the member of the Hungarian National Team. In January, in the WFC qualifying round she was elected the most valuable player (MVP) of the team.


Photo of Fanni Marton#11 Marton Fanni
The goalkeeper of the team, also trained by the club and she is the strong point of the team. She has been a balanced player during the season of 2018/2019. Earlier she played in the U19 women’s national team; nowadays she is a member of the women’s national team.


Photo of Nora Susztak#23 Suszták Nóra
In the season of 2017/2018 she played as a forward in Zug United, Switzerland. Then she was a team member of Neumann Pillangók FT and in 2019 she joined the Komarom team. She has experience from both the U19 women’s national team and the women’s national team.



More information about Women’s EuroFloorball Challenge 2019:

Match schedule & results: IFF Women’s EFCh Website
Photos: IFF flickr

The team presentations are based on information received by the teams.

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