The Superfinal in Czech Republic was played on Sunday in Ostrava. Vitkovice became the double champion, winning both women’s and men’s final. Both teams will be playing in the 2020 Champions Cup in Czech Republic. 

Women’s final Vitkovice – Chodov

The Superfinal started with the women’s final, in which Vitkovice faced Chodov. 7500 spectators witnessed the even fight for the trophy. In the third period, it seemed like Chodov was going to take the win, but Vitkovice scored three goals during the remaining seven minutes. Numbers being even 6-6, the game went into overtime. The hero of Vitkovice was Zuzana Šponiarová, who scored the golden goal in the 64th minute, 7-6, and the reigning champion kept the title in front of home crowd.

Men’s final Boleslav – Vitkovice

Photo: Martin Flousek

Ostrava saw another exciting match between Boleslav and Vitkovice in the men’s final. The match was tight and only one goal was scored in the first and second period. The rest of the goals were seen in the last period. Vitkovice was able to increase the lead with Jiri Besta’s goal, but Boleslav did not give up. Jan Natov brought Boleslav back to the game with his two goals. The game stayed even until the last minute. Finally Marek Bräuer settled the game and Vitkovice took home the championship. Final numbers 4-3 for Vitkovice.

Source:  Český florbal

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