This weekend, the Superfinals are played in several countries. Here is how to follow the matches online. 


The Superfinal is played on Saturday, 13th of April in Zielonka.

Match schedule:
11:00 | 3rd place Women | Górale Nowy Targ – MLUKS Jedynka Trzebiatów
14:00 | 3rd place Men | Olimpia Łochów – MUKS Zielonka
17:00 | 1st place Women | Interplastic Olimpia Osowa Gdańsk – MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ
20:00 | 1st place Men | Górale Nowy Targ – Szarotka Nowy Targ

Watch online: PolishFloorball YouTube


The Latvian Superfinal is played on Saturday, 13th of April in Arena Riga.

Match schedule
13:15 | 1st place Women | Rubene – Kekava
16:15 | 3rd place Men | Lekrings – Talsu NSS/Kaurzers
19:15 | 1st place Men |Betsafe Oxdog Ulbroka – Lielvärde/FatPipe

Watch online: floorballtvlv YouTube

Czech Republic

The Superfinal in Ostrava is played on Sunday, 14th of April.

Match schedule
13:20 | 1st place Women |Chodov – Vitkovice
16:30 | 1st place Men | Boleslav – Vitkovice

Live stream: Ceska Televize

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