Russia and Slovenia, both undefeated, will play each other in the last match of day 4.

Spain took on Belgium in the first match of the day in a battle of the 4th place in the group.
In an even match the Belgians started best and took the lead already at 1:14 and got an opportunity to increase the lead when they were awarded a penalty shot at 3:35 – but the penalty shot was missed.
Spain was awarded a penalty shot at 6:59 but also that one was missed and no more goals were scored in the first period.
Early in the 2nd period Viktor Muhrbeck increased the Belgian lead to 2-0. Half way into the period and the first Spanish power play of the match Alejandro Felipe Sierra scored 2-1 and Spain was also on the scoreboard.
The third period looked as the two first. Two very even teams playing good defence. Belgium got a power play possibility at 51:37 but did not manage to use that advantage. After having managed that box play the Spanish team got their second penalty shot of the match, but again the penalty shot was missed. They kept on fighting and at 56:34 the equalising goal was scored and a draw 2-2 was at hand. But the match wasn´t finished here… At 59:57 the Belgians got a golden chance to decide the match when they were awarded their second penalty shot – but also this penalty shot was missed, with the smallest possible margin where the ball hit both posts and went out and the match ended with a draw 2-2.

Best players: Mario Caballero Santiago, Spain and Lars De Maere, Belgium

According to the ranking it should be a walk in the park for Estonia in their match vs France. The result after the first period didn´t contradict that, 4-1 to Estonia.

But in the second period the French team was very efficient and scored two goals in three shots and won the period 2-1 and the Estonian lead was just 5-3 when going to the second intermission.

An penalty shot goal for Estonia early in the third period more or less settled the match and in the end Estonia could win with 8-4.

Best players: Hugo Morainville, France and Paul Theodor Oja, Estonia

In the last match of the day the two undefeated teams, Slovenia and Russia played.
Russia took the lead after 7:38 and Slovenia equalised at 12:41 just when Russia returned to full strength. The first period ended 1-1.
Slovenia took the lead shorthanded at 22:42 the goal scored by Blaz Tomc assisted by Lovro Oblak.
At 29:10 Tomc scored a powerplay goal to increase the Slovenia lead to 3-1 and at 32:15 Slovenia scored 4-1, again a powerplay goal. Russia took a time-out afther this goal. The Slovenia defense was very tight and the Russians had big difficulties to et the shots through.

The Russians came into the third period very determined but this was not their day. The Slovenians scored three more goals to a 6-2 win and qualified to the U19 WFC 2019 final round in Halifax, Canada as the winner of the group.

Russia and Estonia will play for the 2nd spot and a ticket to Canada in the last match of this qualification tomorrow afternoon.

Best players: Lovro Oblak, Slovenia and Nikita Belyanin, Russia

Tomorrow´s matches:

Belgium – France 08:30 (07:30 CET)
Spain – Slovenia 11:00 (10:00 CET)
Russia – Estonia 15:00 (14:00 CET)

Live matches and game recaps available on IFF YouTube channel:


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