The IFF has published new guidelines when it comes to filming in IFF events.

The Media Guidelines for IFF Events – Video filming aims to clarify what the accredited media can and can‘t do when it comes to filming videos in the IFF Events. According to the IFF Information and Anti-Doping Coordinator Minna Nurminen, many media representatives have asked before about the rules of filming in IFF Events thus it only seemed natural to create the guidelines.
– The main goal is still to direct traffic to IFF channels, but also to create more visibility to the events by not completely prohibiting filming. Floorball has a solid social media visibility and we want to keep it that way, says Nurminen.

The Guidelines will be valid from 1st of May, meaning that they will already be in force in the upcoming Women’s WFC 2018 in St. Gallen and Herisau, Switzerland. You can find them here.

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