The year 2017 in Iran was full of floorball activities and developing the sport. The best of the year have also been elected.

The Iran Floorball Association was founded in 2008 and one year later they became a member of the IFF. Floorball in Iran has developed at a good pace during the last years. In 2017, they took part in the Men’s U19 WFC Qualifications for the first time and their Men’s team was also part of the AOFC Cup.
– We at the IFF are really pleased with the activity of Iran on the international scene and hope to see them take part in the IFF events also in the future, says the IFF Operations Coordinator Veli Halonen.

Iran Floorball Association are also enthusiastic about the development of the sport and will continue on the same path:
– About 4-5 years ago nobody in Iran knew what Floorball is. But now, the situation is changing and the promotion and knowledge of the sport is growing day by day. We equally promote and develop both Men’s and Women’s floorball and have events, competitions, camps as well as talent identification when it comes to juniors. Not to forget the importance of clean sports and Anti-Doping. A big thank you to the IFF and the good co-operation. The main duty of an IFF Member Association is to develop the sport and we plan to do it effectively also in the coming years. We would like to see floorball in the Olympics in the future, says Ramezenali Davalo, the President of the Iran Floorball Association.

Activities of Iran Floorball Association in 2017
1. Organizing 3 Camps for Iran national team dispatched to Asian Cup Championship in Thailand in Arak , Zanjan  and Tehran.
2. Participation in recreational and cultural Festival of Tehran Musicality sport Organization in police  park.
3. Attendance of Iran national team (senior) in AOFC Cup in Thailand, Bangkok.
4. Organizing the first Floorball coaching course by Ilam   province Floorball committee.
5. Organizing the second Floorball championships for Women in Tehran province –Shemshak & Darbandsar.
6. Commissioning Floorball committee by cooperation of Mazandaran – province board in this province.
7. Organizing the first coaches training course (Men &Women) in Mazandaran province- Amol.
8. Participation in 16th international fair of sport and equipment in Imam Khomeini Mosala, Tehran.
9. Organizing the Secord championships (Men) selective competition in senior national team in Isfahan ,khorasegan.
10. Organizing the second Floorball special Olympic in Mazandaran-province, sari
11. Organizing the first Floorball competition (Women) by Tehran Floorball committee – Fajr Cup in Tehran.
12. Organizing Sun Floorball Olympiad for Women in Tehran.

Best of Iran Floorball in 2017
The best Committee for Women : Tehran
The best Committee for Men : Zanjan
The best Committee for Men & Women : Tehran
The best Committee in development : Mazandaran & Qom
The best  Coach of Men : Seyed Ahmad Nabavi , Zanjan – province
The best Coach of  Women : Bahar Bahrami – Tehran province
The best  Referees were : Hamed Arab , Fatemeh  Shahrezaee –Tehran province
Best players were Maryam Parsa and  Mahdi Aghaji – Tehran province
Media Committee: Mohammad Amin Davalou

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