The IFF Central Bord held its second meeting of the year on 28th of July during The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland.

Nigeria new IFF Member
The Nigerian Floorball Federation (NFF) was approved as the IFF member association number 67.
At the time, there are ten clubs who are members of the NFF and the NFF also has a written plan how to promote Floorball in Nigeria within the next 12 to 18 months and the NFF has also participated to a government ran projects to increase the awareness and visibility of sports in Nigeria in general.

The suspension of Russian Floorball and NFFR lifted
A number of negotiations has been held with the National Floorball Federation of Russia (NFFR) and its President Mr. Maksim Chernov during the summer. As a result of these negotiations the NFFR has by the 15th of July paid of its debts to the Slovak federation and the IFF, based on that has lifted the suspension of the NFFR.

The World Games
The event has started and after the first day of play the outcome seems to be very good. The IFF has promoted the event quite widely already before the event and even bought some commercial space in Wroclaw to make the event visibly in the City in July.  IFF is also producing the TV and internet-TV signal for the 1st three days, as the IWGA is making the signal for the Final day to its takers and the Olympic Channel.

Floorball in other international tournaments
The Indonesian federation is still working hard to secure Floorball as a demonstration sport at the Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia. The Thai Hockey Association is working towards inclusion of Floorball at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2021, which now looks likely to be organised in Thailand

Rules and Competition Committee (RACC)

The IFF Central Board widely discussed the new Rules of the Game edition 2018. The handling of future changes will be discussed in the next IFF CB meeting, which will take place in September.

Medical Committee (MC)
The IFF office has finalised the WADA Code Compliance review and WADA has informed that the IF’s will get their Code Compliance reviews by the end of the year 2017

Referee Committee (RC)

Spanish Association has proposed to the IFF RC to replace Mr. Mendonca with Mr. Juan Marie Esponera and the IFF CB approved the proposal so the new Spanish referee pair is Mr. Juan Marie Esponera and Mr. Alejandro Santisteban.

Based on the proposal the IFF RC the IFF CB approved new referee pairs to the IFF ordinary referee group and the referees are: Mr. Fajar Nurrohmanu Hidayat / Mr. Yongky Dwi Adi Priyanto from Indonesia and Mr. Jong Suk Shin / Mr. Young June Lee from Korea

Development Seminars
Three development seminars were organised during the spring and early summer. The first one took place in Hungary from the 2nd to 4th of June 2017 in Erd near Budapest with three separate blocks: Coaching, Refereeing and Good Governance.

A Referee block seminar took place in Bangkok Thailand from the 30th of June to 2nd of July 2017 with 25 participants from Thailand, 9 from Indonesia and 1 from Singapore.  A coaching seminar was carried out in Woy Woy in Australia from the 7th to 9th of July 2017 with Australian and New Zealander participants in conjunction of the Australia Junior Open tournament.

Information operations
IFF has built a version of the IFF Mobile Application for The World Games with the new corporate identity.

The IFF together with the AOFC have launched a social media activation campaign in connection to The World Games. The countries will need to use specific hashtags and the main prize is a new rink for their country.

Already before the start of The World Games Floorball tournament, the IFF Social Media numbers were on the rise. From the time period 19-26.7 the IFF had over half a million impressions and the engagement was 46 000. Also from all The World Games related public social media posts, floorball was 5,7% even though the tournament had not even started yet.

Upcoming IFF Events

Champions Cup 2017 Seinäjoki, Finland
The preparations of the IFF Champions Cup 2017 to be played in Seinäjoki, Finland. The preparations are ongoing on all levels.

EuroFloorball Cup 2017
The EuroFloorball Cup will be organized in Valmiera, Latvia 17-21.10.2017 with 6 Men’s and 6 Women’s teams and EuroFloorball Challenge 2017 in Trencin, Slovakia 23-27.08.2017 with 8 Men’s teams.

WFC 2017 Bratislava, Slovakia
The WFC will be played in the O.Nepalu and Hant Arena from the 1st to 9th of December 2017 with 16 teams.

WFC 2018 Prague, Czech Republic
So far in total 34 teams have registered to the WFC 2018 and the organisers of the WFC 2018 qualifications will be Canada, Estonia, Korea, Latvia and Slovakia.

U19 WFC 2018 St. Gallen, Switzerland

Now, when also Russia has been able to register for the U19 WC and it has been decided by the IFF ExCo that the non-European teams will be directly qualified, then Austria, Italy, Netherlands and now also Russia will have to play a qualification tournament, which is to be organized in Linz 08-10.09.2017 by the Austrian Floorball Association.

Upcoming organisers

U19 WFC 2020
The negotiation with the Chinese Floorball Federation (CFF) have been ongoing for the whole spring and summer and IFF is awaiting an answer before the CB meeting in Wroclaw. CFF has been making calculations on how to cover the costs for the Event.

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