In both the Men’s league (Tipsport Superliga) and Women’s league (Extraliga Zen) the semi-final pairs are now set.

Tipsport Superliga
Last season’s silver medallist Vitkovice and Boleslav were the first to make their ways to semis. Vitkovice defeated Bulldogs Brno 4 times in a row (8-7, 7-6, 5-3, 7-6) and Boleslav also won all their matches against Ostrava (7-3, 14-3, 5-4, 14-2). Reigning champions Chodov faced Otrokovice in the quarterfinals. Chodov won two times in a row, but Otrokovice were able to surprise them in the third matches. In the end Chodov won the play-off pair 4-1 (13-2, 6-2, 2-5, 4-1, 4-2). Tatran were also having some trouble, but won their series against Bohemians 4-2 (8-6, 6-5, 9-4, 7-9, 3-7, 8-5).

Semi-final pairs:
Boleslav – Tatran
Chodov – Vitkovice

The semi-finals will also be played with a best of seven system. The first round takes place 28th of March.

Extraliga Zen
Reigning champions and regular season winners Vitkovice had no trouble defeating their quarterfinal pair Jicin (12-2, 10-0, 10-2, 9-1). Chodov also played strong four matches against Liberec (9-4, 6-4, 10-5, 11-2). Herbadent also made their way to the semi-finals with four back to back victories against Zidenice, even though one of the matches even went to penalty shots (7-3, 4-3, 10-1, 5-1). The most even pair was Bohemians – Ostrava. Bohemians had already won three matches in a row, but Ostrava showed their strength as they won four matches in a row and made it to the semis (2-10, 7-8, 6-10, 8-3, 7-6, 8-2, 9-6)

Semi-final pairs:
Chodov – Herbadent
Vitkovice – Ostrava

The first round of the semi-finals will take place 25th of March. Like the quarterfinals, the semi-finals will be played with a best of seven system.

Photos: FbS Bohemians Facebook

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