The WFC 2017 Qualifications were played 31.1-5.2 all around the world. Now the qualified teams for the final round in Bratislava, Slovakia are set.

31 teams registered for the Women´s World Floorball Championships 2017 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Qualifications were played in four different locations, EUR in Madrid, Spain and Celano, Italy, AOFC in Wellington, New Zealand and AMER in Markham ON, Canada. As the host country Slovakia was directly qualified and now the 15 other teams are set.

The AOFC teams were known first. All in all 9 teams competed in Wellington and 4 teams qualified. These teams are:
1. Japan
2. Australia
3. Singapore
4. Thailand

In EUR 20 teams participated in the qualifications and 10 teams qualified. Of course the host country Slovakia was directly qualified, which means that there will be 11 teams from Europe. The qualified teams are:
1. Slovakia
2. Sweden
3. Finland
4. Switzerland
5. Czech Republic
6. Latvia
7. Germany
8. Poland
9. Norway
10. Denmark
11. Estonia

In AMER Canada and USA battled for a place in the WFC 2017. The second match they played was a draw, but since USA won the first match they were qualified.

Here are all the teams in WFC 2017:
Sweden (1*)
Finland (2)
Switzerland (3)
Czech Republic (4)
Latvia (5)
Germany (6)
Poland (7)
Norway (8)
Slovakia (9)
Denmark (10)
Australia (12)
Japan (13)
USA (17)
Singapore (18)
Estonia (20)
Thailand (29)

* = ranking

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