Russia got their first points today in the Women´s WFCQ EUR 2 in Celano, Italy. Finland and Poland had an energetic match which ended in Finland´s victory. Finland have also ensured their place in the final round.

Russia and Great Britain were both without points before they faced each other in the morning match. Russia had the upper hand, but Great Britain was also able to control the ball from time to time. In 9 minutes the first goal was seen as Russia´s Oxana Shamanina ran to the centre and scored a one timer. All in all, Russia scored 4 goals in the first period. Four minutes to the second period, Great Britain got a power play. They used this efficiently and decreased the score to 1-4. This didn´t bring them too much joy as Russia´s Mariia Kitaeva scored her fourth goal and Shamanina scored two more. The third period followed the same pattern as the rest of the match, though this time the Russians were even more efficient. They won the match 13-1. Despite of all the goals scored against, Great Britain´s goalkeeper did a good job and blocked 40 shots. Russian goalie blocked 19 shots.

Best players:
GBR: #5 Marguerite Cornu
RUS: #16 Oxana Shamanina

Match summary here.

Finland were the favourite in the last match of the day against Poland. During the first period Finland controlled the game and had many scoring chances. They weren´t able to score and many shots missed the net completely. Almost 16 minutes had been played before Finland made their first goal. Poland was fore checking low and relied on counter attacks. They had some scoring chances, but unfortunately for them Finland´s goalie Laura Loisa blocked all 11 shots and a penalty shot. After 20 minutes the score was 1-0 for Finland. In the second period, Poland continued with the same tactics. They were defending actively, but this time Finland was able to get three shots behind the Polish goalkeeper´s Agata Kownacka´s back. No goals were seen in the third period even though both teams had dangerous scoring chances. Finland won the match 4-0 and ensured their place in the final round.

Best players:
FIN: #80 My Kippilä
POL: #7 Agata Kownacka

Match summary here.

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