The IFF Central Board held its second meeting of the year in Olomouc, Czech Republic during the Women´s U19 WFC on May 8th 2010. During the meeting Mr. Suman was elected as the IFF Vice President. In addition the new Champions Cup for the top European club teams was decided upon and new organisers were appointed for future IFF Events.

Lithuania IFF Member number 52

The Lithuanian Floorball Federation was granted the provisional membership in the IFF and the International Floorball Federation welcomes the 52nd National Floorball Association to the International Floorball family.

India has paid all their claims and the IFF CB decided to lift the suspension on the Indian Floorball Federation.

Mr. Filip Suman new IFF Vice President

Since the resignation of the IFF Vice President Mr. Renato Orlando by 30th of April 2010 the IFF CB elected a new IFF Vice President according to the IFF Statutes. Mr. Filip Suman from Czech Republic was elected as the new IFF Vice President:

I am very honoured to be elected as IFF Vice President and I will now feel even more responsible for International Floorball. I also hope that we can get even more national member associations actively involved into the International Floorball development work in the future, Mr. Suman stated.

New Champions Cup starting from 2011

The CB decided according to the Champions Cup working groups proposal to build the Champions Cup competition in the following way:

  • The tournament shall be played with 6 men´s and 6 women´s teams as a five day tournament in one venue.
  • The tournament will in the beginning be played by the four National Champions from Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland based on the national team ranking 2008/2009, the winner of the EFC and a second team from the organising country.
  • The National Association can decide which will be the second team in the Champions Cup.
  • The Champions Cup ranking shall in the future be built on a 3-year Club Teams ranking starting from 2011.

The Champions Cup will be organised according to the following:

  • 2011: Czech Republic
  • 2012: Sweden
  • 2013: Finland
  • 2014: Switzerland

The working group will come with a proposal for the marketing, financial model and cost-allocation for the CB in September 2010.

EFC Qualifications organisers 2010

The EFC final round will be played in Valmiera and Koceni from the 5th to the 9th of October 2010. The invitation for the EFC 2010 has been sent out on the 26th of April and the registration ends on the 31st of May. EFC Qualification 2010 organisers:

  • 2nd ranked teams Men & Women will be played in Finland
    • Storvreta will play in the 2nd ranked Qualification.
  • EFC Qualification East Men & Women will be played in Hungary.
  • EFC Qualification West Women will be played in Germany.
  • EFC Qualification West Men is still open.

Women´s WFC Qualifications 2011

The 8th Women’s WFC Final round will be played with 16 teams in St. Gallen in December 2011 and the regional Qualifications will be played in February 2011:

  • Americas: Canada and USA to play for 1 spot
  • AOFC: Japan and Singapore to play for 1 spot played in connection with APAC in Australia.
  • Europe: 2 groups of 6 teams to play for 3 spots per group (6 spots):
    • EUR1: Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Georgia played in Spain.
    • EUR2: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Slovenia and Austria played in Poland.

Women´s WFC 2013 Organiser

The 9th Women’s World Floorball Championships will be played in Czech Republic in December 2013.

Floorball included in the new SportsHub video platform

The IFF has signed an Service Agreement with SportAccord among the first 24 International Sport Federations about participation in the SportsHub internet video platform. The IFF has its own IFF channel under Ball sports: The IFF now asks all IFF Member Associations to send in video clips in order to build a shared Video platform for different Floorball materials in the SportsHub Media Platform.

New Referee Nomination System

The Nomination procedure for the International Referees is renewed. The National Associations are invited to give their proposal of a number of International referees in August 2010 for the period of January 2011 – December 2012. Before the International Referees have been nominated from August to August. The Referee Committee will nominate the International referees in September/October, based on a possibility for the referees to specialize on either refereeing female or male matches

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