AIK IBF EFC champion for the third time

A full house was following the Men´s final in the Eulachhallen when AIK won the EFC gold for the third time in a row.

AIK´s first forward line with Niklas Jihde (2+0), Karl-Johan Nilsson (1+2) and Fredrik Djurling (1+1) played brilliantly in the final and secured the 5-2 AIK victory.

AIK did not have the same problems against SV Wiler-Ersigen´s fore checking that SSV experienced in the semi-final and managed to find the open passing lanes. Fredrik Djurling and Kim Nilsson did not need much time and space to find the empty net and AIK led with 2-0 after 12 minutes.

Pictured: Fredrik Djurling, Karl-Johan Nilsson and Niklas Jihde

Wiler-Ersigen had good chances as well but the shots did not find the target until Simon Bichsel´s long distance shot, straight from Lassi Vänttinen´s pass, found the goal in 18:30.

In the beginning of the second period both Wiler´s Patrick Mendelin and Lassi Vänttinen had good opportunities to equalise on power play, but no goal. The Swedes were more effective and in 37.36 Karl-Johan Nilsson presented some nice ball handling skills, feinting Daniel Streit in the Wiler goal; 3-1 to AIK.

Wiler-Ersigen´s line-up changes seemed to work as Roger Gerber finalised a nice attack and reduced the AIK lead. Only one minute later, when a Wiler player still was halfway out of the rink after a tough situation in the corner, Niklas Jihde scored his first of the evening.

His second he scored in 59.17, after a lousy pass from Lassi Vänttinen, when Wiler was playing without the goalie and the match was settled. AIK celebrates the EFC gold for the third time.

Pictures: Markus Jauss



Gold for IKSU after Nina Bäckman´s sudden death goal

Goals were scarce in the Women´s final between the two Swedish teams, Balrog B/S IK and IKSU.

IKSU was however the more fortunate team during extra time as Nina Bäckman could settle the match in 63.21 to 3-2.

No goals were scored in the first period, although both teams had good chances because of some bad passes in the defensive zones.

In the second period Balrog created more dangerous scoring opportunities, but could only utilise one of them. When IKSU´s Therese Andersson succeeded on power play the game was still a tie, 1-1.

IKSU lifted the tempo in the final period and in 44.16 Victoria Wikström scored IKSU into the lead for the first time. Two of the best players in the tournament, Emelie Lindström and Hermine Dahlerus were responsible for Balrog´s equaliser in 51.01. On over time the EFC silver medallist from last year could score the decisive goal and IKSU is now the reigning EFC champion.


Bronze for UHC Dietlikon

Not many goals were scored in the Women´s bronze match either. In 05.01 Karin Hjelm first put Dietlikon to the lead but 10 minutes later Ilona Novotná evened the score. The 1-1 score lasted only for one minute as Dietlikon´s player of the game, Marion Rittmeyer, scored the winning 2-1 goal for Dietlikon in 16.46.

No more goals were to be seen in the match although Dekanka had some very good opportunities to put the match into extra time, one shot hitting the post. Sarah Schwendener in the Dietlikon goal saved the rest and the Swiss team is the 2008 EFC bronze medallist.


EFC All Star Team Men

Goalkeeper: Daniel Streit
Defender left: Peter Fischerström
Defender right: Juha Kivilehto
Ceneter: Roger Gerber
Left forward: Lassi Vänttinen
Right forward: Niklas Jihde

EFC All Star Team women

Goalkeeper: Elin Nordin
Defender left: Matilda Holmbom
Defender right: Simone Berner
Ceneter: Hermine Dahlerus
Left forward: Therese Andersson
Right forward: Emelie Lindström

EFC Bronze after a tight match for SSV Helsinki

SSV played their best Floorball in the third period and Santtu Manner´s four goals took SSV to a 7-6  victory and the EFC bronze.

Although Warberg and SSV were disappointed not to play in the EFC final, both teams played with good tempo and the bronze match was both intense and exciting.

Warberg had the match in their hands for 45 minutes as they led with 5-1 after SSV also helped their opponent by letting in one own goal.

The tables turned within the last 15 minutes. Santtu Manner scored his first of the evening on power play and then Juho Järvinen scored a pretty goal after a nice pass from Jani Kukkola.

Simon Nilsson could increase the Warberg lead to 6-3 once more in 53.13 after a fast utilised power play, but that was the last Warberg goal.

SSV´s top formation of the day with Mikael Järvi (1+3), Harri Forsten (1+3) and Manner (4+0) presented their best passing game during the last minutes of the match and scored four goals in a row, the last and winning goal scored by Santtu Manner.

Mikael Järvi was elected as best player in SSV and Magnus Danielsson (2+0) best player in Warberg.

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