Two more Swedish teams in the EFC Final

Both AIK and Balrog B/S won their semi-final matches, Balrog with 7-2 and AIK with 5-3. 

AIK won the Swedish battle against Warberg IC-85 and Balrog B/S defeated the Czech champion HFK Dekanka.

Niklas Jihde scored the fastest goal in this tournament only after five seconds and Jihde´s second goal came straight after, in 1.41.  Joakim Hansson then reduced the lead and the score was 2-1 to AIK after 20 minutes.

The technical passing teams played more physical in the 2nd period and this seemed to suite Warberg better as Magnus Danielsson evened the score after a hard long distance shot.

The last 20 minutes were tough and exciting. AIK got to a two goal lead again, the other goal being the prettiest of the evening, a result of great passing play, finalised by Karl-Johan Nilsson

Warberg played the final minutes without the goalie and in 59.40 Jim Canerstam managed to hit a high pass into the net. Also Magnus Svensson had a good opportunity to equalise during the final seconds, but no goal this time. Right after, Fredrik Djurling, could score an empty net goal, which ended the match in AIK celebration.

Best player in AIK: Fredrik Djurling (1+1). Niklas Jihde was also effective with 2+1
Best player in Warberg: Mathias Larsson

AIK will play the final versus SV Wiler-Ersigen at 15:00 and Warberg the bronze versus SSV at 9:00.


Balrog convincingly to the Swedish Final

Balrog led with 4-0 already after 20 minutes. Dekanka played their best Floorball in the second period and reduced the lead to 4-2, but then Johanna Dahlin scored two goals in a row and ended Dekanka´s hopes. The final numbers were 7-2 and Balrog will play versus IKSU at 12:00 and Dekanka will play the bronze match versus UHC Dietlikon at 11:00.


IKSU in the Women´s EuroFloorball Cup Final

IKSU played impressively and made their way to the Final, defeating the reigning champion, UHC Dietlikon, with 5-0.

Therese Andersson scored a hat trick for IKSU and was awarded as the best player of the team.

The Swedish team did a good job in keeping the Dietlikon players away from the best scoring sectors and where themselves effective in finishing the attacks.

UHC Dietlikon was also playing good Floorball, but did not find a away to break the IKSU defence and the last lock, Elin Nordin, in the IKSU goal. Ina Rhöös was awarded as best player in UHC Dietlikon.

IKSU was also awarded as the EFC 2008 Fair Play team.


Tapanilan Erä 5th in the Men´s EFC

Tapanilan Erä defeated Tatran Stresovice on extra time 5-4. Lauri Kapanen scored the sudden death goal in 67.54. The Match statistics are found here.


Gerber´s sudden death goal put Wiler-Ersigen into the Final

The SSV Helsinki and SV Wiler-Ersigen match had many momentum shifts, as SSV was controlled the first half of the match and Wiler-Ersigen the second.

SSV Helsinki and SV Wiler-Ersigen played a very strict defensively in the beginning of the match. Despite this, SSV was more effective in finishing the attacks and led 2-1 after 20 minutes.

In 25.43 Mikael Järvi scored his second of the night, putting SSV to a two goal lead. There were several funny moments in the 2nd period, when SSV player´s parked with the ball behind the own goal and the game stood still for quite a long while, as Wiler did not give any pressure.

The last period became a thriller. Wiler-Ersigen´s line-up changes proved to be effective as they first scored two goals to even the score and then Patrick Mendelin took Wiler-Ersigen to the lead for the first time in 52.48. Now it was Wiler´s time to slow down the game. With only two minutes left, SSV got a chance to equalise on power play and they decided to go with 6 vs. 4. This paid off and the match was to continue on extra time.

In 63.05 Roger Gerber scored the decisive goal and SV Wiler-Ersigen now has a chance to repeat what they did in January 2005, when the EFC Final round was also played in Switzerland.

The Men´s Final will be played tomorrow at 15:00 CET and the bronze match at 9:00


SC Classic placed 5th in the Women´s tournament

Holmlia IK could challenge Classic for 20 minutes, but then Classic that had a lot of line-up changes started to dominate the match. The final score was 14-3 to Classic.

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