After the match on the 9th of October between SW Wiler-Ersigen and Latvijas Avize, the IFF Jury of the EuroFloorball Cup final round found that SW Wiler-Ersigen had used a team official Ms. Tamara Stam, who was not noted on either the first or final list that SW Wiler-Ersigen had submitted to the IFF.

The Jury asked SW Wiler-Ersigen for a written explanation of what had occurred and the reasons for this clear violation of the IFF Competition Regulation Art 3.4.

Mr. Marcel Siegenthaler handed in a written explanation to the Jury, in which he stated that they due to having an injured first goalkeeper needed an additional second physiotherapist. It seems that Wiler-Ersigen made a pure mistake in signing Ms. Stam on the match record.

The Jury have taken cognisance of all the aspects of the incident and finds the action of SW Wiler-Ersigen to be in contradiction to the Competition Regulation and that the team should have known that persons who are not in the team delegation, can not participate in the match.

The Jury has based on the IFF Juridical Regulation Art. 7. Point 2. Littera b. Found this to be an administrational breach of the Competition Regulation and in accordance with the IFF Juridical Regulation Art 39., the Jury sanctions Wiler-Ersigen with a reprimand and Ms. Stam is not allowed to appear on the Match Record during the rest of the tournament.

The decision of the Jury is final and without appeal.

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