An international tournament for floorball players over 35 years old, was played the 17th-19th of November in Prague, Czech Repuplic. The event was historically significant, as it was the first time for the veterans of flooball to challenge each other internationally.

All together 27 matches was played between 10 different teams from The Czech Repuplic, Switzerland, Finland, Russia, Latvia, The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.
Here are the final standings. More about the tournament can be read in the official webpage of the Prague Masters 2006.

1. Pro Stars (Finland)
2. P.CA Milada (Czech Repuplic)
3. Star Dust (Czech Repuplic)
4. HC Rychenberg (Switzerland)
5. Melnie/Peri (Latvia)
6. Latvia (Latvia)
7. HDM Floorball Legends (The Netherlands)
8. Lindome (Sweden)
9. Spain (Spain)
10. General (Russia)

The Prague Masters 2007 is played the 16th-18th of November 2007.

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