The IFF has started a new project in order to develop and give training in the fields of organisation, referee education and coaching to its member federations. The first Floorball development programme seminar, which was held in Eger in December 2005, was a huge success. The IFF Central Board asked for applications for the upcoming seminars in 2006. The deadline for the application was on the 15th of February.


The organisation of the four day event – the Floorball development Programme Seminar – lies partly on the national federation and partly on the IFF, which supplies the educational materials, the lecturers and the infrastructure of the seminar. The Floorball Development Seminar is divided into three blocks, organisation, refereeing and coaching and in each block the participating federation may have up to four participants.


The planned seminars for 2006 are:


The Netherlands have stipulated that they are interested to organise the seminar in September, either in Amsterdam or in Den Haag. The federation is still discussing with the sport schools in order to find a good venue. For this seminar the invited federations would be Belgium, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and some new contacts from Ireland. The IFF is continuing the discussion with the Dutch federation.


Poland has also showed interest to organise the seminar and there the plans are also to have it before the start of the season in September. The plan has been to have it near Poznan, in the west of Poland. The Polish federation continues to seek for a good venue to organise the seminar. The invited federations will be Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine. Perhaps also here some new contacts will be invited.


The Singapore Floorball Association has applied for organising the seminar in Asia/Oceania. The proposed dates for the seminar are in December in connection with the traditional APAC-tournament. Singapore has a lot of experience in organising international events after the Women’s WFC last year. The IFF and the Central Board of the AOFC will still discuss the invitation to the seminar during spring.


The IFF is also discussing whether to be able to organise a seminar on the American continent in cooperation with the Canadian Federation. Also here it seems that the seminar will be held later during this year.


There were some other federations that showed interest towards the Development Seminar, but these are the only federations that are actively seeking to organise it during 2006.


The IFF Development function is very pleased with the interest shown from the members and believes that this will be a success and help to promote Floorball also in the future.

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