The “Vinna hela skiten” documentary follows Oona and Veera Kauppi and their season in the Swedish Super League and at the World Floorball Championships. All six episodes are available on SVT Play

The Kauppi twins most certainly do not need an introduction. They are playing in Thorengruppen IBK in the Swedish Super League and both Oona and Veera are key players of the Finnish national team. Veera was awarded the world’s best floorball player for the third time in 2021. Oona took home the seventh place on the list. They have won the Swedish Supear League gold in 2020 (with IKSU), 2021 and 2022 (with Thorengruppen). They both have silver medals from WFC in 2017 and in 2021 and bronze from 2019. Veera also has a silver medal from the WFC in 2015. Oona was the MVP of the World Floorball Championships in 2019 and Veera the MVP of the WFC 2021. They also won the Champions Cup gold with IKSU in 2019. In 2021, they launched the KauppiTwins website, aiming at creating equal opportunities for everyone.

Documentary description:

How is it like to play in the world’s toughest league, Swedish Super League as a 24-year-old? How does it feel at one moment to play with your best friends in the club team and then play against your friends at the World Floorball Championships? How are the difficulties and expectations handled? This sports documentary series follows the world’s best floorball twins Oona and Veera Kauppi during season 2021-22.

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