IFF President Mr. Eriksson and Vice President Mr. Orlando meet with the IOC administration, Olympic Games Executive Director Mr. Felli in Lausanne on April 14, 2003.

The advices from Mr. Felli were, in short, as follows:

– Develop the present existing member associations, do not have a lot of members on paper (remark on current IFF situation; 28 of 31 members has registered for WFC 2004)

– Make sure that the sport is showed and broadcasted on TV, not only nationally
(remark; the IFF and its members must carry on to enable broadcasting from all WFCs even outside the organising country. Now e.g. SUHV in cooperation with IFF coordinates TV broadcasting from the playoffs of the WFC 2003 in Switzerland. IFF is also working on Eurosport)

– Make sure that the sport attracts the youth

– Keep the sport available and fairly cheap

– Work on international recognition from other sport bodies
(remark; IFF has applied for ordinary membership of GAISF, observer status of the IWGA World Games 2005 and has adopted the WADA Anti-doping Code)

The conclusion, said also frankly from Mr Felli, was that we ought to wait to apply for IOC recognition until later this year 2003. This because the IOC is rewriting its guidelines for the recognition process (not the actual IOC § 39 charter law concerning IOC recognition).

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