The venue and dates for the Floorball competition at The World Games 2025 in Chengdu, China have been confirmed! All matches will take place at the Xindu Xiangcheng Sports Center, north-east of the City Centre of Chengdu. The venue has a capacity of 3200 spectators and will be fully dedicated to Floorball at TWG 2025! For the first time both Male and Female teams will take part in the battle for the medals at The World Games, which will take place over 7 days from August 7th – August 13th, 2025.

An aerial shot of the venue and surrounding facilities.

Floorball will be played in the large cloud like structure towards the rear of the main building. The central circle is an internal courtyard for activation and public activities with the front of the building being a swimming facility. The square building on the top right of the photo will be the official training venue for all teams taking part in Chengdu for Floorball. The venue was used at the Chengdu FISU World University Games that took place last year for the Water Polo competitions and as a training venue for Basketball.

The entire building complex is a ‘green venue’ that has been nominated for several architecture awards. When viewed from above, the entire center looks like a water wave or cloud, with its two arenas stretching out like lotus leaves. The building incorporates the concept of “sponge city,” with the surrounding ground surfaces constructed using permeable concrete technology, allowing for efficient water permeation and drainage, thus maintaining a dry and safe road surface, whilst the sloping roofs of the building direct rainwater to a water storage tank, from where it is used for various purposes, including the central air-conditioning, after purification. Furthermore, the venue has the capability to naturally retain rainwater, with an annual rainwater collection capacity of over 3,000 tons, which can be utilized for the maintenance of venue landscaping.


The main view from the spectator stands of the court and playing area for the Floorball competitions at TWG 2025 in Chengdu.

The view from the field of play at court level.

For added spectator and player experience during the games, two videos screens plus a central “Jumbotron” will be in use during the competition.

Here is a full map of all the venues in use at The World Games 2025
TWG2025 Venues

The World Games 2025 will be the biggest and grandest Floorball competition at a Multi-Sports event ever! We are thrilled to showcase the sport to new eyes and set the stage for the world’s best players to fight for Gold and pride in Chengdu, China!

More information can be found on The World Games website

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