New records were made at the Women’s U19 World Floorball Championships in Lahti: Finland-Sweden final was attended by a total of 1,965 spectators and it is a new single match record for the Women’s U19 WFC tournament. The total number of spectators at the tournament, 15,941 spectators, is also the highest ever for the female U19 event.

The local organising committee alongside their sponsors had constructed a big kids activity area in the venue (Lahti Sports and Fair Centre) including mini floorball rinks, skill courses, bouncy castles, face painting, raffles and fan banner crafting to name a few.

The inaugural 3v3 World Floorball Championships which were organised in conjunction with the U19 championships were a further success. A total of 87 matches were played on Saturday and Sunday (11th and 12th of May) with over 400 athletes.


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