Full day of floorball in Lahti on Thursday and here is a brief recap of the results. 


Group A

Slovakia v Latvia 8-3

Slovakia got their first win in this U19 WFC after beating Latvia. Zuzana Mrazova and Nikol Drabekova scored two goals each for Slovakia.

Czechia v Switzerland 4-1

Switzerland started strong and got the lead after a successful penalty shot by Finja Helbling and after two periods the match was 1-1. Czechia put on another gear in the third period and scored three goals in less than two minutes. Goals were scored by Karolina Klubalova and Karolina Liskovcova.

Group B

Norway v Poland 5-6

The game between Norway and Poland stayed exciting until the very end. Norway tried to even the match without their goalie but did not have enough time for that. Amalie Sogaard Tysland (NOR) scored a beauty and this is a must-see if you are checking out the highlights.

Sweden v Finland 9-3

Nothing new under the sun and the reigning Champions continue at U19 WFC without defeats. Players to watch at this event: Vera and Klara Roos from Team Sweden.

Group C

Singapore v Australia 7-4

Singapore got already their second win at their first ever U19 WFC. Their goal celebrations are a must-see.

New Zealand v Germany 1-3

New Zealand fought back against Germany and the teams offered us as an excellent and close match.

Group D

Canada v Italy 3-11

Italy were too superior against Team Canada and their 11-player squad. Amy Field was definitely the Most Valuable Player from Team Canada and performed several stunning saves. Marta Pelliccioni and Chiara Taini were the top scorers of the game.

Hungary v Denmark 2-11

Hungary started well and got a 2-1 lead in the beginning but after Denmark got the hold of the game, there was no chance for Hungary to bounce back.


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