The IFF Central Board held its first meeting of the year 2024 on the weekend in Malaga, Spain. 

The CB had its working session on Saturday with the topics and outcome from the IFF Associations’ Meeting that took place in December in Singapore during the Women’s World Floorball Championships. The CB was working with the Future of Floorball, with the possible new WFC Format and with the International Calendar. The processes are ongoing and the CB together with the IFF office will continue the work to eventually come up with concrete proposals.

Upcoming events

U19 WFC 2024 from 8th — 12th May in Lahti, Finland

Around 170 persons have applied to become a volunteer at the event. Ticket sales have been slow so far but the LOC are planning various ticket sale campaigns.

3v3 WFC 2024 from 11th-12th May in Lahti, Finland

The invitation to the first ever 3v3 World Floorball Championships to be played in Lahti, Finland, has been sent to all Member Associations. Last day to register is 8th March 2024.

WFC 2024 from 7h – 15th December in Malmö, Sweden

The qualifications in Europe and Americas have been played and the following teams have qualified to the final round: Slovakia, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Switzerland, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark and Poland from Europe, and Canada from Americas. Sweden as organiser is directly qualified.

The AOFC qualification from which three teams will qualify is to be played in the Philippines 21st – 25th May 2024.

WFC 2024 Group Ballot will be held on the 5th of March in the Turning Torso building and it will be streamed on the IFF App for free. After the Ballot the LOC will make a first proposal for the Match schedule.

Champions Cup 2025

The Champions Cup stakeholders have agreed upon the playing days for the Champions Cup for the season 2024 – 2025.

The World Games 2025

The Chinese Floorball Union has preliminary indicated that they have not received the approval for the participation of the female team in The World Games 2025 by the General Administration of Sport In China (GASC). IFF is awaiting the final confirmation from China. The solution proposed by the IFF Office is to give the Chinese spot for a second team to be decided in the WFCQ 2025 AOFC qualifications to be played in February 2025.

Women’s European Championships 2026

The Swedish Federation was the only member association to bid for the Event and so the event is planned to be played at the Partille Arena in Gothenburg with a spectator capacity around 3,500. The planned dates for the event are from the 31st of August to the 6th of September 2026.

Rules and Competition Committee

The process for the rule book edition 2026 has started. The Rule Reference Group will have its first meeting in March. They will evaluate the proposed rule changes and will ask the IFF Member Associations if there are  any associations who are willing to test possible rule changes. The process will take approximately two years to finalise the 2026 edition of the Rules of the Game.

Referee Committee

The IFF Referee Committee has held its first meeting for the year from the 17th to 18th of February in Madrid, Spain. The RC discussed and decided about the criteria for the upcoming International referee and Referee Coach nomination period 2025-2026. The first decision was to change the term referee observer to be Referee Coach. The word observer has a negative impact in some languages and therefore the word coach describes better what the work of a Referee Coach is all about.

The new criteria and the request of the referee and referee coach proposals will be sent to the IFF member associations in the beginning of June 2024.

The RC also had a broad discussion about the upcoming RC and the importance to have female representatives in the RC and the members were committed to have those discussions within their own respective associations.

Member no. 80 – Benin

The Comite Floorball Benin has delivered the required documents and therefore the IFF CB approved Comite Floorball Benin as the provisional member no. 80. Welcome!

The meeting minutes have been published and can be found here.

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