At the recent Central Board meeting (03.03) it was confirmed that the European Championships will return in 2026 for the Women in Gothenburg, Sweden!

The last European Floorball Championships were all the way back in 1995 when Finland beat Sweden to win the Men’s Competition whilst Sweden beat Norway for the Women’s title. 31 years later there will be another European Champion crowned in Gothenburg when the Women take the stage and battle for the European crown in 2026.

The bid by the Swedish Floorball Federation for the 2026 European Championships was the only one received and was accepted by the Central Board and therefore are officially announced as hosts for 2026, with matches set to take place at the Partille Arena, in Gothenburg. The preliminary date for the 2026 European Championships is set for the September International Weekend however this is still subject to change. Going forward the European Championships will follow a similar schedule to the current World Championships being played yearly and will alternate genders every year. The European Championships will be played with a  different gender to the World Championships that year (Example 2026 EFC – Women & 2026 WFC – Men) starting in 2026 and continuing with the Men’s Tournament in 2027.

European Championships Event Info

The European Championships will be comprised of 8 nations with the highest 7 European finishers at the previous World Championships qualifying for the European Championships plus the hosts of the event (therefore Sweden will automatically qualify for 2026). The possibility to expand the European Championships to 10 or 12 teams is something that may be looked at in the future.

The teams that play in the European Floorball Championships will NOT take part in World Championship Qualifications for the next WFC cycle. Meaning all countries who take part in the European Championships will automatically qualify for the following World Floorball Championships. (For example all teams that participate in the European Floorball Championships in 2026 will not take part in Qualifications for the 2027 WFC in Turku, as they will be automatically Qualified).


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