The Men’s World Floorball Championships 2024 in Malmö had their qualification events all around Europe and now we have 12 teams who have qualified for the final tournament which will take place in December 2024.

Sweden has directly qualified as the host nation. The European Qualifications have taken place in Latvia, Poland and Skofja Loka, Slovenia with 21 teams competing for 11 spots in the final round. The following countries qualified from Europe: Slovakia, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Switzerland, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark and Poland.

The remaining 4 spots will go to the AOFC (Asia-Oceania) region (3) and to Team USA or Team Canada (1). The AOFC qualifications will take place in May 2024 in the Philippines, while the American qualifications will take place mid-February 2024 in Toronto, Canada.

WFC 2024 Qualified Teams
Sweden (1)Estonia (9)
Czech Republic (2)Denmark (10)
Finland (3)Poland (11)
Switzerland (4)Slovenia (18)
Latvia (5)AMER Qualifier
Slovakia (6)AOFC Qualifier
Norway (7)AOFC Qualifier
Germany (8)AOFC Qualifier

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