The February Internationals Weekend will mark the first international weekend of 2024 with several events taking place alongside the 3 Men’s 2024 WFCQ European events.

Polish Cup in Nowy Tomyśl/Zbąszyń, Poland will be the final big warm up opportunity for the teams competing in Lahti, Finland in May for the U19 Women’s World Floorball Championships. 8 of the teams competing in Lahti will be action against each other in Poland to sharpen their tactics, gameplans and gain some valuable team chemistry ahead of the WFC in May. Men U19 teams will also be in action in Switzerland for the Swiss, Finnish and Czech squads and in Spain for the Spanish, Belgians and Ukrainians. Danish and German Men U17 squads will also meet for some friendly matches over the weekend in Denmark. 3 of the 4 events are available to watch on the IFF app!


Polish Cup: Women U19 (Nowy Tomyśl/Zbąszyń, Poland)
1st – 4th February at Zbaszynianka Arena & Gimnazjum Nowy Tomysl
Teams: Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Norway & Denmark
Stream: IFF App (Event pass, 12.99 EUR. Single Match is 5.99 EUR)

3-Nations: Men U19 (Siggenthal, Switzerland)
2nd – 4th February at GoEasy Arena
Teams: Switzerland U19A & U19B, Finland U19 & Czechia U19
Stream: IFF App (Event pass, 9.99 EUR. Single match is 5.99 EUR)

EuroPowerMen U19 & Men U23 (El Escorial, Spain)
3rd – 4th February at Polideportivo Navaarmado Patr
Teams: Spain U19 & U23, Ukraine U19 & Belgium U19
Stream: IFF App (Event pass, 9.99 EUR. Single match is 5.99 EUR)

Denmark V Germany: MU17 (Esbjerg, Denmark)
2nd – 4th February at EFI Hallen
Teams: Denmark U17 & Germany U17


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