WFC 2023 Power Rankings Day 5 Edition

Ranking all the teams every 2 days of the tournament in Singapore this year. It’s not just a boring numbered list, it’s the *not to be taken seriously* IFF Power Rankings!

Check out the list below to find out where we stand after the completion of the group stages from the 2023 Women’s World Championships with all 16 teams!


  1.  Sweden Looking for meatballs. Where is the closest IKEA?
  2. Finland Ready to party like it’s 1917
  3. Czech Republic Are we becoming the Avengers of Floorball?
  4. Switzerland  – We are out of office. Replying to messages in 2 days
  5. Germany We’re having an Oktoberfest in Dezember!
  6. Japan Living up to our name of land of the RISING sun
  7. Norway Digging deep for wins like we do for oil
  8. Singapore Made the playoffs! We’re not going home tonight, or are we?
  9. Slovakia We thought it was first goal wins
  10. Denmark Look all that matters is we made the playoffs
  11. Poland Zagorska means money in Polish
  12. Estonia Already sick of anti doping tests
  13. Latvia Latvia Vs Japan. The Classic Rivalry
  14. France Unbrielievable, we’re 14th in the power rankings!!!
  15. Australia Coming back in our matches like a boomerang 
  16. USA Our goalies are older and cooler than yours


*WFC 2023 Power rankings are a fun, non serious look at all the teams competing in Singapore this December. They are for the enjoyment of the fans and in no way reflect the actual World Rankings or Tournament Standings.

Inspired by the IIHF’s Power Rankings.

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