The IFF Central Board held their fourth meeting of the year in Berlin from 11th — 12th November.


Since the Men’s World Floorball Championships 2022, all IFF Events have been streamed on the IFF App. IFF Youtube has been replaced with the App and there is no match replays nor all highlights made available for IFF Youtube channels. In addition to match replays, IFF App offers registered users event information, statistics, interviews, and highlights. The App is available for Android and iOS or on desktop version on

How to register:

  • Install the app from App Store or Google Play.
  • Sign up using your mobile phone number and a security code that you will get by SMS (e-mail registration and login is set up for CZE and NZL users).
  • Follow your favourite teams to get notifications about matches and never miss any action!
  • Follow the live score, watch livestreams, interviews & highlights. Share your emotions and cheer for your team!

As with previous IFF Events, the Women’s WFC 2023 will be streamed on the IFF App. Make sure you register before the event starts!

IFF Associations’ Meeting

The invitation to the Associations’ Meeting was send on Monday the 11th of September to all IFF Member Associations’ Presidents, Secretary Generals and office email addresses. A reminder was sent on Monday 9th October with the same delivery.

The meeting taking place in Singapore seems to be a financial burden for a great deal of IFF members. The deadline for registration has been defined to be the 10th of November, but usually the late registrations have also been accepted since the Associations’ Meeting is not a statutory meeting and therefore timelines and deadlines are not that binding.

The Agenda and some materials concerning the Future of Floorball for the meeting will be sent out no later than 24th November. The meeting is to discuss the concept and next actions of the Future of Floorball, new International Calendar and Adult WFC playing system among other important topics.

Strategy Implementation

The Strategy Working Group (SWG) chair has prepared a proposal for a Strategy Status Report, which the SWG member are still to comment upon. The idea with this report is to make it easier to understand where we are in the implementation process. The final report will be presented as a part of the Strategy Implementation in the Associations’ Meeting in Singapore. The SWG is presently thinking of two different options, to either choose to analyse one of Key Priorities and focus on that or to select some actions from each of the Key Priorities that would be interesting for the National Associations.

Champions Cup

A feedback survey has been prepared based on the request of the Champions Cup Steering Group (CCSG) and has now after comments from the CCSG members been sent to all the clubs / teams / national associations who were part of the quarter-final rounds of the new Champions Cup format. A further survey will be done at the conclusion of the event with all stakeholders.

The first round of the women’s semi-final rounds was played on 4th and 5th November and the second matches were played on 11th and 12th November. Thorengruppen IBK and Pixbo IBK qualified for the final in January 2024 from the women’s side. The men’s semi-finals will start on 22nd November and conclude on 2nd December. After the first games of the Women’s semi-finals the overall visibility is a little increasing on the IFF App, but generally the numbers are still quite low. The CCSG have made preliminary proposals about the dates for CC 2025 and the final discussions between the National Associations should be concluded by 15th November when the next CCSG meeting will be held.

Upcoming events

Women’s WFC 2023, Singapore (2nd — 10th December 2023)

The match schedule has, according to original plan, been updated with changes due to TV needs that has occurred during the last months.

LOC has applied for some venue modifications for the purpose of reducing costs. The majority of these were approved, except for the request to

Women’s U19 WFC 2024, Lahti, Finland (8th — 12th May 2024

The ticket sales started on the 19th of October, but has been quite slow so far.  The agreement negotiations for support from the City of Lahti is proceeding. The 1st information letter has been sent to the teams and the accommodation reservations starts to be ready with some exceptions. The search for volunteers will start in November, through the city recruiting system.

WFC 2024, WFC 2025, Euro Floorball Championships 2025, WFC 2026

Second bunch of tickets for the WFC 2024 in Malmö have been launched. WFC 2024 qualifications will be played in Latvia (Liepaja) 31.01-03.02, Slovenia (Skofja Loka) 31.01-04.02, Poland (Lochow) 01-04.02, Canada (Toronto) 17-18.02 and the Philippines (Pasig City, Manila) 21-25.05.

WFC 2025 contract discussions have started and IFF has presented the Czech Floorball with an initial contract proposal, in which new IFF revenues have been included. The new financial elements are a fixed marketing fee and a provision for any additional sales and then 10 per cent of the net ticket sales.

Slovakia has informed that they will not be able to organise the Euro Floorball Championships (EC) 2025 Men. The IFF CB is, based on this information, to decide to only start the playing of the Euro Floorball Championships in 2026.

The formal bidding process for the Women’s WFC 2026 with Sweden started 6th November and will end 15th December whereafter the evaluation will start. The expectation is that the result shall be presented to the CB in the March 2024 meeting.

CB Minutes will soon be published here

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