After 17 years of dedicated work, Timmo Taurer announced his retirement from Austrian national team. He plans to play for his home club for a few more years. His message to the future floorball generation: ‘Everything starts with a dream’.

-I always enjoyed being part of the national team. After all, I’ve been part of it since 2006. There are good goalies coming up from the U19 team, Maxi Obereder has been in the team for a long time and plays very well. I have mixed feelings. A bit sad, because I’ve experienced a lot in the national team and had a really good time over the last 17 years. On the other hand, I know that good people will be joining me and that I’ll be able to spend more time with my family and friends in the future.

One of his career’s highlights was the participation in the 2008 World Championships in Prague and being named as MVP at one of their games.

– My first “game” in the national team was in 2006 under Mikael Akerlund. He was a top coach and I was allowed to travel to Slovenia for a 3-nations tournament. The first goalkeeper was almost 40 years old – Ragner Pascha. He played in Sweden and was a nice guy. I took part in the warm-up and was able to learn a few things from him. I didn’t play for a second.  Nevertheless, it was a special moment and I knew that I wanted to be the first goalkeeper of the national team in the future.


Timmo Taurer had been an integral part of the Austrian national team since 2006. As a goalkeeper he emphasizes the importance of mental health in the goalkeeping position. Even thought he retired from the national team, he will still be part of Austrian floorball on different levels. His words to coaches and teammates remind everyone of his valuable contribution to the sport in Austria.

Source: Austrian Floorball Federation

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