Africa Floorball Cup 2023 took place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Both in men’s and women’s Burkina Faso took home the golden medals. After the Cup both Burkindi National floorball teams were congratulated by the King of Mossis at the Royal Palace in Ouagadougou.

Last Sunday all members of the Burkindi National Floorball teams were invited to the Royal Palace in Ouagadougou to receive the highest honor possible, being congratulated by His Majesty Mogho Naaba, the traditional leader of the country, the King of Mossis.

The king congratulated the players and the leaders of Association Burkindi de Floorball during a very dignified ceremony and offered each teams a beautiful handmade wooden statue. He also encouraged them to defend the champion titles at the next Africa Floorball Cup. It was a great honor for all those young players that their victories were recognized and respected by the greatest traditional authority in the country.


The two titles mean a lot to the national Association Burkindi de Floorball and will help to expand floorball even further in Burkina Faso. Since the return of the teams, the set-up of four new clubs have started. In Burkina Faso floorball has became an educational sport, which is not only about winning but also about adopting positive values such as solidarity, inclusion, equality and fair play. This has been well received by all concerned and contributes to a warm and friendly atmosphere within and between the clubs.


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