The IFF welcomes its new intern Blanka Benyo from Hungary, who will be strengthening the IFF Office team for the next months. Blanka will for example be working with different communication, sustainability and office projects.


Your background and connection to floorball? 

 — I am from a small town called Eger, Hungary where actually the floorball was very big back in the days when I started playing. I have tried many other sports before I fell in love with this one. The love of sports and watching sports in general led me to study Sports Management at the University of Eger. I spent three lovely years at university gaining knowledge in my field while teaching floorball to students from different faculties. 

— I started playing floorball at the age of 8 and it has completely changed my life ever since. The pure joy I felt every time I could hold the stick and run around on the court was something different. After a while I knew this was MY sport even though so many people told me to choose a more popular one. Since then, floorball gave me things that I have never imagined. I became Hungarian Champion with my team, I could play for the U19, and Women’s Hungarian National Floorball Teams and I could play in the Swiss Championship for two seasons.


Photo by Michael Peter

Why did you decide to apply for an internship at the IFF? 

— I spent half a year in Sweden on an exchange semester during my studies and I had the chance to participate at both the U19 and Women’s WFC in Uppsala as the member of the IFF media team. I was surrounded by people who love and care about floorball and that is when I really felt comfortable. I decided back then that after graduation I would find myself a job that I would enjoy doing.  

— Since floorball is my safe place and the sport I love the most when this chance came to me, I took it immediately. I will be spending 7 months with IFF and I am looking for every day of it. I will be working with the communication and media team, helping with event preparation and all other tasks.  


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