The best floorball players, referees and coaches of the season 2022-23 were awarded by Czech Floorball on Friday 9th of June. In the men’s category, the changes on the top continue. Ondřej Němeček has already become the fifth floorball player in the last five years to climb to the top step in the main category. He replaced his teammate Marek Beneš on the throne. In the women’s category, national team captain Eliška Krupnová triumphed for the seventh time. Anna Brucháčková dominated in two categories and finished as a rookie in fourth place in the main category, which no one has ever done before.

Player of the season (men): Ondřej Němeček

  • Tatran Střešovice
  • 1st win

The captain of Tatran and the national team completed an interesting collection of medals. To the bronze from the World Games, he added silver at the World Championships and finally the title in the Livesport Superliga. He proved all along that he is among the top players in the world and deservedly became the floorball player of the season for the first time in his career. He is already the eleventh player in history who can be proud of this title.

  1. Marek Beneš (Tatran Střešovice)
  2. Filip Langer (FBC Kalmarsund, SWE)
  3. Filip Forman (FbŠ Bohemians)
  4. Matěj Havlas (Tatran Střešovice)

Player of the season (women): Eliška Krupnová

  • Pixbo Wallenstam (SWE)
  • 7th win

Just like in the last seven years, the same pair are in the first two places in the category, and for the seventh time in her career, Krupnová has won the title of the best female floorball player in the Czech Republic. Denisa Ratajová managed to break her long-standing hegemony only in 2020. The native of Mariánské Lázně was again one of the main drivers of the Swedish team Pixbo last season, with whom she once again reached the fight for the title. In the national team, she was the first to surpass the mark of one hundred goals scored and 150 points.

  1. Denisa Ratajová (Zug United, SUI)
  2. Vanessa Rebecca Keprtová (Rönnby Tigers, SWE)
  3. Anna Brucháčková (Bulldogs Brno)
  4. Michaela Mlejnková (FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava)

MVP Men’s Livesport Superliga: Marek Beneš

  • Tatran Střešovice
  • 2nd win

As in the previous season, Beneš won first place in the poll for the most valuable player of the Livesport Superliga, in which the players themselves vote. The experienced floorball player was one of the basic building blocks of Tatran Strěšovice, which he helped to not only participate in the BiígBoard Superfinal for the second time in a row, but also to win the coveted title. He collected 76 points in the regular season and thus maintained an average of three points per contest. After the Superliga legend Jiří Curney, he is only the second player to defend the title for MVP of the season, for the first time in history, the top three are the same in two seasons in a row.

  1. Ondřej Němeček (Tatran Střešovice)
  2. Filip Forman (FbŠ Bohemians)
Anna Brucháčková. Photo by Martin Flousek


MVP Women’s Extraleague: Anna Brucháčková

  • Bulldogs Brno
  • 1st win

The entry of the floorball student in Mikulov into the extra league season was absolutely fabulous. In the regular season, she shared the second place in the productivity rankings, and it was mainly thanks to her that Bulldogs Brno were able to rise from the very bottom to the higher levels of the Women’s Extraliga table. It is not surprising that the majority of female opponents, who saw the qualities of the young comet up close, voted for her in the poll for the most valuable player. The floorball player from Brno is also the first player to dominate this poll during her first participation.

  1. Dominika Buczek (1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice)
  2. Kristýna Bachmaierová (Finance Novák FBK Jičín)

The best U19 player (men): Adam Zubek

  • SC TEMPISH Vítkovice
  • 1st win

The Vítkovice apprentice achieved his first victory when he placed third in the poll for the best junior. He was one of the most productive players in the Vitkovice lineup, and even in the BigBoard Superfinal, he showed himself to the fans with two hits. Even though the Czechs took only fourth place at the junior championship, Zubek was among the mainstays of the selection, just like third Jaroslav Petrák and second Martin Gattnar. In addition, his teammate from Vítkovice took fourth place in the poll for the best youth player and thus achieved the maximum number of places.

  1. Martin Gattnar (1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice)
  2. Jaroslav Petrák (FbŠ Bohemians)

The best U19 player (women): Anna Brucháčková

  • Bulldogs Brno
  • 1st win

She was the only one of all the participants of the entire gala evening to take the stage twice. In the category for the best junior of the season, there was no doubt about her first place. Even before the start of the season, she helped the junior national team win its first ever silver medal. In the final against Sweden, she even scored a hat trick and, together with the team’s other benjamin, Karolína Klubalová, who finished second in this poll, they belonged and will belong to the support team at the next championship as well. In addition, she fully established herself in the adult national team, where she collected 28 points in seven duels.

  1. Karolína Klubalová (FBC Liberec)
  2. Andrea Břeská (FAT PIPE FLORBAL CHODOV)

The best goalkeeper (men): Lukáš Bauer

  • Florbal MB
  • 5th win

Although Tatran Strěšovice could boast of the best goalkeeping pair, as evidenced by the second and third positions, Mladá Boleslav still has the best number one goalkeeper in its squad. Bauer, who triumphed for the fourth time in a row, was not only one of the best goalkeepers in the Livesport Superliga, but also showed his immense qualities on the international field. In total, from the summer participation in the World Games to the World Championship, he appeared in the net on eleven occasions and was the basis of a successful campaign that ended with a silver medal from the championship in Zurich, where he was elected to the All Stars team of the tournament for the second time in a row. The fifth triumph in this poll places him in historical second place behind Tomáš Kafka.

  1. Tomáš Jurco (Tatran Střešovice)
  2. Lukáš Kříž (Tatran Střešovice)
Jana Christianová. Photo by Martin Flousek


The best goalkeeper (women): Jana Christianová

  • 9th win

The hero in the women’s national team’s goal is just one triumph away from this poll to match the record of Tomáš Kafka, who triumphed ten times in the poll for the best guardian of the sanctuary. Christianová was once again one of the best goalkeepers in the entire Women’s Extraliga, and her performances kept Chodov at the top of the table. In the national team jersey, she surpassed the goal of 125 duels and jumped to third place in the historical start table.

  1. Veronika Tomšová (FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava)
  2. Lenka Remešová (Täby FC, SWE)

The best coach (men’s team): Milan Fridrich

  • Tatran Střešovice
  • 2nd win

Last year’s triumph in the poll for the best men’s coach was defended by the coach of the champions from Střešovice, who secured the second victory in his career. Tatran, under the leadership of Fridrich and the entire coaching staff, went through the regular season without losing a single point, which no one has managed to do so far, and in the play-offs they reached the seventeenth title in history. Behim Fridrich was Michal Jedlička, who finished in second place for the first time and experienced a historic year with Bohemians, as well as national team coach Jaroslav Berka, who led the national team to silver medals.

  1. Michal Jedlička (FbŠ Bohemians)
  2. Jaroslav Berka (reprezentace mužů)

The best coach (women’s team) Jakub Robenek

  • FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava
  • 1st win

In the past year, Robenek still did not reach the first place, but in the season that has just ended, he added a championship to his four medal positions and thus became the fifth laureate of the award for the best women’s coach. Not a single shadow of doubt can hang over his triumph. For the second time in a row, he was able to lead Ostrava FBC to the BigBoard Superfinal, and even though the yellow-blue players did not defend the title, they showed everyone that they should not be underestimated and, above all, won participation in the next edition of the Champions Cup, from which they brought bronze in their premiere. Martin Czeczinkar, who was able to raise the Brno Bulldogs from the hopeless bottom to the top five of the Women’s Extraliga, finished second behind the Ostrava coach.

  1. Martin Czeczinkar (Bulldogs Brno)
  2. Jiří Velecký (1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice)

Star of the season (men): Filip Langer

  • FBC Kalmarsund (SWE)
  • 5th win

For the fifth time in a row, the forward dominated the fan poll. Langer changed the Swedish Kalmarsund for Strovreta for the next season. However, one of the architects of the silver success at the World Championships in Switzerland and the first-ever bronze medal from the World Games defended his first place very narrowly this time, his pursuers Matěj Havlas and Marek Vávra finished in the medal positions with only a minimal distance.

  1. Matěj Havlas (Tatran Střešovice)

Star of the season (women): Vanessa Rebecca Keprtová

  • Rönnby Tigers (SWE)
  • 2nd win

After last year’s premiership triumph, Keprtová was only the second player to defend her first place in the poll, where the final order is decided by the votes of the fans. The young defender has completed her first season in the Swedish SSL and maintained an average of one point per game in the regular season. Even national team coaches could rely on her performances.

  1. Michaela Mechlová (Tatran Střešovice)
  2. Anna Brucháčková (Bulldogs Brno)
Jakub Furmánek & Vlastimil Šolc. Photo by Martin Flousek


The best referees: Jakub Furmánek & Vlastimil Šolc

  • 1st win

End of career with all honors. The experienced pair of referees concluded their tenure on the Superliga courts in the BigBoard Superfinal 2023. They managed the highlight of the entire floorball year for the first time in their careers and now they also get their first triumph in the poll for the best referee pair. Both have also refereed the last two men’s championships.

  1. Tomáš Kostinek – Martin Reichelt
  2. Kamil Sojka – Tomáš Sojka

Source: Czech Floorball

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