Daily Report 4 with a guidance through the different placement, play offs and semi finals. 

Semi Final 1
Czech Republic – Switzerland (2-7)
Switzerland dominated Czech Republic throughout the game, scoring seven goals while conceding only two. Switzerland’s win was a team effort, with several players contributing to the scoreline. Czech Republic tried to keep up, but could not match Switzerland’s pace and intensity. Switzerland advanced to the final, while Czech Republic will play for the bronze medal.

Semi Final 2
Sweden – Finland (12-10)
In an exciting game between Sweden and Finland, Sweden came out on top. With a 12-10 victory, they are now heading to the final! However, Finland should not give up yet, as they still have a chance to win the bronze against Czech Republic tomorrow.


Play Off 1
Germany – Denmark (3-4)
Germany and Denmark played a closely contested match, with neither team giving an inch. Denmark eventually came out on top, with a scoreline of 4-3. The game was physical and intense, with both teams displaying strong defense and efficient offense. Denmark advanced to the game for 7th place, while Germany will play against Poland.


Plao Off 2
Poland – Norway (2-8)
Norway dominated Poland from the start, and won the match comfortably with a scoreline of 8-2. Norway’s superior skill and teamwork were evident throughout the game, as they scored several goals and kept Poland at bay. Norway advanced to the game for 7th place game, while Poland will play against Germany.


Match of the 9th place
Latvia – Slovakia (6-1)
Latvia and Slovakia played an evenly matched game in the first two periods, but Latvia pulled away in the final period to win 6-1. Latvia’s offense came alive in the third period, scoring four goals to secure the win. Slovakia tried to mount a comeback, but could not overcome Latvia’s strong defense. Latvia finished in 9th place, while Slovakia finished in 10th place.


Match of the 11th place
Austria – Slovenia (1-4)
Slovenia and Austria played a competitive game, with Slovenia ultimately emerging as the winners with a scoreline of 4-1. Slovenia’s defense was solid throughout the game, and their offense was efficient and effective. Austria put up a good fight, but could not match Slovenia’s intensity. Slovenia finished in 11th place, while Austria finished in 12th place.


Match of the 13th place
Australia – Estonia (2-10)
Estonia dominated Australia from start to finish, and won the match 10-2. Estonia’s offense was too much for Australia to handle, as they scored several goals and maintained control of the game. Australia tried to fight back, but could not overcome Estonia’s dominant performance. Estonia finished in 13th place, while Australia finished in 14th place.


Match of the 15th place
USA – Singapore (5-12)
Singapore defeated USA with a scoreline of 12-5. Singapore’s offense was firing on all cylinders, as they scored several goals throughout the game. USA put up a brave fight, but could not match Singapore’s skill and intensity. Singapore finished in 15th place, while USA finished in 16th place.

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