Insport Skofja Loka defended their title and became 4 time champions in the 3-Nations 2023 Floorball League over the weekend.

What an exciting weekend of floorball there was in Komarom, Hungary. Some fantastic floorball was played in a loud, great atmosphere with fans travelling far to support their teams.

The 3-Nations League is a collaboration between Slovenia, Hungary and Austria and sees the best teams from each respective country battle it out at the end of each season to become 3 Nations Champion. This year’s edition saw two Slovenian teams (Insport Škofja Loka & Polanska banda), one Hungarian (SZPK Komarom) and one Austrian team (VSV Unihockey) battle it out in the Final 4 weekend.

Semifinals, 4.3.2023:

Insport Škofja Loka – VSV Unihockey, 9:4 (3:3, 1:0, 5:1)

SZPK Komarom – Polanska banda, 8:5 (2:1, 3:2, 3:2)


Floorball players (and their fans) from the top teams of Austria, Hungary and Slovenia showed their quality and strength over the weekend. On Saturday, the 1st and 2nd ranked teams after regular season, Insport Škofja Loka (Slovenia) and SZPK Komarom (Hungary) had possibly tougher than expected semifinal matchups against VSV Unihockey (Austria) and Polanska banda (Slovenia), but managed to push through their opponents at the start of last period and avoid a tense final minutes.

Final day, 5.3.2023:

Bronze medal match: VSV Unihockey – Polanska banda, 8:7 (2:3, 3:2, 3:2)

Gold medal match: Insport Škofja Loka – SZPK Komarom, 12:6 (4:0, 5:2, 3:4)


On Sunday, the Austrian and Slovenian vice-champions clashed in the bronze medal match. It was a nailbiter from start to finish as neither team was able to build more than a 2-goal lead. It was VSV’s veteran Timmo Schmid with a wrister from the distance who broke the tie just 3 seconds before end of 3rd period to break the hearts of Polanska Banda players and fans.

The Final match followed and it was the Slovenian side that opened it in brilliant fashion, with match tempo being set up early leading to 4 goals in Komarom’s net. 2 goals in the second period from the Hungarian side were not enough to start the comeback as Insport answered immediately with 5 goals respectively to end the 2nd period up 9-2. Komarom refused to give up and narrowed the score to 5:9 in 47th minute, but it wasn’t enough to spark what would have been an incredible comeback. Captain Peter Pfneszli scored his 8th point of the Final four with 2 minutes to go for a consolation with the final result 12:6 showing in Škofja Loka’s favour.

Peter Pfneszli of SZPK Komarom became top scorer of entire season with 52 points in 16 matches, while Erik Hotz from Phoenix Fireball (Hungary) was voted best goalkeeper of competition. Most of the glory went to Insport Škofja Loka from Slovenia though, winning their 4th IFL title in a row, setting another record for rest of the teams in the competition to strive for in future editions.

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