Floorball Belgium, Italy and Spain have announced an agreement between the three nations that has been named as the “Europower Floorball Challenge”.

This agreement was born in response to the interest of each member in advancing the development of the diverse structures that make the sport grow; in conjunction with the organization of a scheduled series of international events with the participation of the men’s, women’s and U19 teams. In the first phase, the agreement has been ratified by Belgium, Italy and Spain; with the approval and collaboration of IFF, which will be a provider of advisory and training services in the fields of coaches, refereeing and sports administration.

The Europower Floorball Challenge agreement works in a 2-year cycle that corresponds to the periods between World Floorball Championships (as well as Qualifications). A first calendar of events has already been defined for autumn 2023: Men’s Senior teams in Spain (September), Women’s Senior teams in Spain (October) and again the Men’s senior teams in Italy (November).

The organising committee is made up of people from all the signatory nations as well as a coordinator who will be the person in charge of also carrying out the engagement work with IFF.

The agreement was developed in its final phase in conjunction with the IFF General Assembly in Zurich at the Men’s World Championships and, once ratified by the signatory countries also presented to the IFF CB at its meeting in Prague in February.

The signatory countries are open to new incorporations (with a deadline of March 15th for this first period). The organisers from each respective federation issued a joint statement on the new floorball programme.

We really encourage our colleagues from other countries to join us and work together in development. We are really convinced on the great benefit of this kind of collaborations as it happens with the EFT or Six Nations groups in Europe or other agreements in the AOFC region that are active and really successful. We have already defined a first calendar of events that will start next September in Spain with an event for the national men´s teams, October again in Spain for the women’s teams and Italy in November with a second event for the men’s teams.” 

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