As Storvreta IBK extends its partnership with the Youth Floorball Academy not only will Storvreta Summercamp Singapore return this summer but we will also see Storvretacupen Singapore for the first time.  

Last year Storvreta IBK was in Singapore for the first time to help host Storvreta Summercamp Singapore and it was a big success. Beyond the event itself there was an Allstar game together with the Black Wondersticks against Singapore MU19. After the game the line for selfies with the Storvreta IBK:s SSL-players felt endless.

For Storvreta IBK, it is important to be part of the international issues that need to be pursued so that floorball can continue to establish itself in Asia. I am convinced that the collaboration we are undertaking with the Youth Floorball Academy in now taking Storvretacupen to Singapore will in the long run also have a positive effect both locally in Singapore but also on an international level. Also for Storvreta IBK, this is of course also a fantastic opportunity to spread our philosophy of how we want to lead and educate children and young floorball players,” says Noél Alm Johansson, responsible for Storvreta IBK:s expansion into Asia.

During both the game and the following Storvreta Summercamp Singapore it was clear that Storvreta IBK ‘s presence took the floorball hype in Singapore to the next level.

Now it is time for Singapore to take yet another step forward in the floorball world as the World’s largest floorball tournament takes a step into Asia.

Storvreta Summercamp Singapore will be held the 19-21st of June 2023 and Storvretacupen Singapore will be held the 23-25th of June 2023.

We are honored to be working with Storvreta IBK to bring their exclusive world events closer to home and believe that these programs open doors for all floorballers in Singapore and the Southeast Asia region to experience the Swedish way of floorball. We have been sending our boys and girls teams to participate in the Storvretacupen in Uppsala in Sweden since 2019 and we can see that our players have benefitted a lot from the experience,“ says Norani Zaini, Chief Executive Officer of Youth Floorball Academy.

Teams are expected to come from all over Asia and possibly the world, to participate in Storvretacupen Singapore. As the Youth Floorball Academy’s Blackwondersticks have had several teams at Storvretacupen in Sweden over the years and now want to take that experience to Singapore.

We want to bring this same experience back here to Singapore by attracting more international teams to come and participate, so that they can enjoy our beautiful country and also so that more local floorball players can benefit from this international floorball experience. We are already in talks with some Asia teams while Storvreta IBK is in talks with teams in Europe about the event. Our aim is to make Storvretacupen Singapore the F1 of floorball in Asia and we are excited to announce the SSL players that will be coming this year!” Norani Zaini concludes.

Planning for both events are well underway and there will be SSL-players coming to the events like last time.

Last year saw floorball superstars like Albin Sjögren, Andreas Stefansson and Filip Eriksson come over. Keep an eye on our channels for the announcement of which players will be coming over this year.

Read more about both events and sign up here!

Source: Storvreta IBK


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