The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has announced 34 candidates for 2022 Athlete Council election. Agata Plechan is among the candidates representing floorball. A total of eight positions will be filled based on this election and the successful candidates will join the new 20-member Athlete Council.

Agata Plechan is a former captain of the Polish national team and currently the IFF Athletes’ Commission (ATC) Chair. Plechan joined the ATC back in 2016. Due to her position as the ATC Chair, Plechan is also a member of the IFF Central Board. She is also a member of the IFF Rules and Competition Committee (RACC). Plechan has represented Poland in seven Women’s World Floorball Championships and at it was announced at WFC 2021 in Uppsala that Plechan will end her international career.

The election for WADA Athlete Council will be held virtually via an online voting platform between 29th-31st August 2022. Only those IF ACs (International Federation Athlete Commissions) registered and deemed eligible will be able to vote. The elected candidates will be confirmed by the Election Scrutineer on 1st September and will be announced by WADA shortly after.

Poland finished fifth at WFC 2021. Photo by Per Wiklund


To be eligible for nomination, athletes were required to meet eligibility criteria, as outlined in Article 4 of the WADA Athlete Council Election Procedure. These included: being an International-Level Athlete as defined by the World Anti-Doping Code, within the last nine years, and being from the same sport as the IF AC nominating them. In addition, the IF AC nominating an athlete was required to meet eligibility criteria, as outlined in Article 3 of the Election Procedure. All 34 candidates were reviewed and confirmed by the Election Scrutineer.

It is clear that Plechan wants to continue developing our sport in different positions but what was the motivation to apply for this specific Athlete Council?

— I see the inclusion of athletes from non-Olympic sports as very important, and I want the opportunity to be the voice of those athletes within WADA. Athlete representation is crucial, and with lots of passion for enhancing athlete engagement ‘on the other side of the table’, I would like to contribute to clean sport. I have been responsible for spreading the anti-doping message and helping to educate athletes, and through this have gained valuable experience that I can share within the council. My involvement with the work of the IFF Central Board and Athletes’ Commission has provided a powerful insight into sports administration and I am ready for the next step in a global organisation. I am committed to fight for clean sport, Plechan comments.


Photo by Peter Bohlin


The new Athlete Council will be composed of athletes’ representatives chosen by athletes and grouped as follows:

Group 1: Five athletes appointed by the International Olympic Committee’s and International Paralympic Committee’s Athlete Commissions;
Group 2: Eight athletes elected by the Athlete Commissions of International Federations (IFs); and
Group 3: Seven other athletes, to be selected by an appointment panel made up by a majority of athletes, to fill skills and diversity gaps.

More information on the candidates and the election on WADA’s website

The IFF wishes Agata good luck with the upcoming election!

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