The Floorball tournament at The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA have reached the stages of all the finals.


Match schedule: 11th July 2022

Semi-final 1: Sweden vs Czech Republic

Semi-final 2: Finland vs Latvia

7th place: USA vs Thailand

5th place: Switzerland vs Canada


Where to watch the games

Both semi-finals can be watched from a link on the IFF front page (Scroll all the way down on the front page). Both games will be produced by ISB for International World Games Association (IWGA). ISB/IWGA are the rights holder for both semi-finals, and the decision of which countries can view the live stream is decided by them. Some countries may be geoblocked due to their agreements with national broadcasters.

These matches can also be found on Swedish and on Polish TV (Pol Sat Sport).

The two placement games for 7th and 5th will be shown on the IFF YouTube channel.

The World Games TWG 2022 floorball
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