The Men’s World Floorball Championships 2022 AOFC Qualifications continued today in Singapore. The same teams continued their victorious journey as yesterday: Philippines, Thailand, Australia and Singapore. 

Group G

Japan v Philippines

Although Kenta Ramsauer started the scoring for Japan, their lead was cut short by Melvin Alm Mendoza and Kim Franz Varga (player of the match). This duo finished a total of five goals in the game. They were also the top scorers of the team as they both gathered six points (Mendoza 4+2 and Varga 2+4). Although Japan got many chances to score on powerplay, especially in the last period, they did not succeed but Philippines scored three short-handed goals instead. Final score 10-4 for Philippines. Shin Nakamura was awarded best player of Team Japan and scored two goals in the game.

Match statistics available here.

Australia v Korea

The first period stayed even as both teams managed to score once. But then Liam Perry changed another gear and took Australia into the lead with his hat-trick. Melvin Parbrand took Korea one goal closer on powerplay but the final period was good time for the Aussie players. Perry finished his fourth goal in the game and gathered a total of seven points (4+3). He was also the player of the match. Seong Min Kim was the best player from Korea with his two goals.

Match statistics available here.

Group H

Thailand v Malaysia

Yesterday, Thailand took a clear win against New Zealand and today they faced Malaysia, who suffered a rather clear defeat against Singapore. The script stayed unchanged also today. Thailand led the game already 4-0 after the second period and they did not stop there. They added five more goals in the second period and the numbers were 9-0. Eugene Lai Yi Qin and Zephaniah Chong En Wei each scored once for Malaysia but these goals came in far too late. Final score 11-2 for Thailand. Jeerayut Yaemyim was the key player today with his four goals. Yaemyim was also awarded the best player of the match. From Team Malaysia, the best player award went to Wei Giap Toh.

Match statistics available here.

New Zealand v Singapore

In today’s last match, it was New Zealand against the host team Singapore. The match was fairly even but New Zealand could not get the ball behind Singaporean goalkeepers Joshua Loh and Damien Wan. Chee Yong Lee scored twice for Singapore and final score 4-0 for the hosts. Vignesa Pasupathy scored the opening goal and took home the best player award. Timothy McKibbin was the best player from New Zealand.

Match statistics available here.

Find all match replays, highlights and interviews from IFF YouTube Channel 1.

Photos are available here.

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