Men’s World Floorball Championships 2022 AOFC Qualifications have kicked off at OCBC Arena in Singapore. 

Group G

Korea v Philippines

Korea and Philippines met in the first match of the event and the spectators following the match could witness a very tight game between these two teams. Rasmus Jansson started the scoring for Korea and they led the match until the second period. Then it was time for the Philippine players to shine. First Rhodell Esguerra, then Melvin Alm Mendoza (player of the match). Finally Christian Schoultze Castrillo increased the lead on powerplay and this was too much for Korea although Max Parbrand (player of the match) scored just couple minutes before the end. Final score 3-2 for Philippines.

Match statistics available here.

Australia v Japan

Another even match was seen between Australia and Japan. Tomas Gartner scored took Australia in the lead after seven minutes of play and Tobias Knox Lyttle finished a short-handed goal after a great offensive play by Jordan Noel. The numbers stayed in 2-0 until the final period, when Kenta Ramsauer (player of the match) scored for Japan and Shin Nakamura equalised. The goal by Nakamura is definitely worth watching. But Australia had decided that they are not losing this game. First captain Daniel Gartner and then Gavin Staindl and final score 4-2 for the Aussie team. The AUS goalkeeper Ryan Alexandrakis was awarded player of the match.

Match statistics available here.


Group H

Thailand v New Zealand

While the matches in Group G were tight, the same cannot be said for Group H matches. Veerasak Pimpa (player of the match), Simon Johansson, and Liam Kerdsawangwong all scored two goals for Team Thailand and did not give New Zealand any chances to win the game. Also a great first WFCQ match for Johansson and Kerdsawangwong! Benjamin McKibbin scored the only goal for New Zealand. Samuel Elkin was awarded the player of the match from Team New Zealand. Final score 10-1 for Thailand.

Match statistics available here.

Photo by Leandro Ngo/Singapore Floorball Association


Singapore v Malaysia

The crowd had to wait until the evening to see their home team facing Malaysia. The first two minutes into the match stayed even as Jun Wei Foo (SGP player of the match) started the scoring for Singapore and Divesh Mohan equalised fairly quickly. But the rest of the game was dominated by Singapore. Ishwarpal Singh did a great solo performance and celebrated his first WFCQ goal accordingly. Also Amirul Azri Azman and Jia Qing Cheang scored their first goals at the national team. Han Keong Chong was awarded the player of the match from team Malaysia. Final score 8-2 for Singapore.

Match statistics available here.

Find all match replays, highlights and interviews from IFF YouTube Channel 1.

Photos are available here.

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